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THE HEALER is a new feature film starring Oliver Jackson-Cohen (NBC’s DRACULA), Camilla Luddington (GREY'S ANATOMY), Jorge Garcia (HAWAII FIVE-O) and Jonathan Pryce (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN).

Each week, Sea And Be Scene brings you an exclusive and intriguing glimpse into this exciting production, shooting this summer in Nova Scotia.


THE HEALER Happenings - Posted June 10, 2015
By Skana Gee, Unit Publicist

At first glance, the world of a costume designer might strike you as exciting, even glamorous. And it can be.

But chat with THE HEALER's key costumer Martha Curry right after a cow-birthing scene, and you realize that it’s also tricky, challenging and downright nerve-wracking.

Without giving too much away, the scene in question involves Alec, played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen, helping veterinarian Cecilia (Camilla Luddington) with the difficult delivery of a calf on her farm. As you can imagine, things get messy.

The Healer photo June9 actress Camilla Lundington on set

“We had five complete, identical costume changes for Oliver, so he could get splattered with afterbirth,” says Curry (Mr. D, SEED, MOBY DICK, JUMPING THE BROOM, MARION BRIDGE). “But a slight creative change meant that all of a sudden there was a chance that Cecilia would get hit, too.”

Some fancy footwork and fabulous connections meant the quick delivery of another three pairs of matching jeans for Camilla to the Lunenburg set from Banana Republic in Dartmouth. “It was a 911 situation,” says Curry.

In the end, the wardrobe back-up wasn’t needed, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Just another day’s work for Curry and her crew: co-costume designer Jennifer Ellis, set supervisor Melinda Cook and truck supervisor Kymn Keating.

By all accounts they’re enjoying their work and the look of this very special film, written and directed by Paco Arango and produced by Enrique (Ricky) Posner, both of Spain.

The Healer Oliver Jackson-Cohen with Camilla Luddington, Kaitlyn Bernard, Batman & Paco Arango

“We love the cast of this show. Everybody is lovely to deal with, including Paco and Ricky,” says Curry. “And it’s cool that Lunenburg is playing itself. Lunenburg is so beautiful and colourful – we’re dealing with beautiful young people and simply complimenting them and their environment.”

The wardrobe design is natural, with Alec dressing mostly in jeans and Cecilia – often seen toiling on her farm – dressed in plaid shirts and rubber boots. “She’s wearing work clothes, but they’re very chic, fashionable work clothes,” notes Curry.

Meanwhile, Abigail – played by young actress Kaitlyn Bernard – is a determined youngster whose costume fits her straight-shooting demeanour. “She’s not girly at all. She’s just a kid, so she’s got lots of hoodies.”

SERIOUSFUN CHILDREN'S NETWORK founded by Paul NewmanA large portion of the proceeds from THE HEALER will go to the Serious Fun Children’s Network, a global charity established by actor Paul Newman to help seriously ill kids. It’s a fact not lost on the film’s Nova Scotia crew.

“It’s really wonderful what they are doing, and we’re grateful to be a part of that. We want to make them happy,” says Curry.

And if that means a last-minute trip to The Loonies and Toonies Dollar Store in Lunenburg for a day player’s belt, so be it. SG

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THE HEALER Unit Publicist Skana GeeSkana Gee is unit publicist on THE HEALER. She’s been a communications consultant – specializing in film and television publicity – for the past seven years. Before that she was a long-time newspaper reporter and editor, covering everything from municipal politics to crime to entertainment. She lives in Halifax with her partner and two mostly wonderful children. She likes reading, running and a good vanilla latte.

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