Posted: June 8, 2015

Outdoor enthusiasts can stay fabulous... thanks to East Coast Glamping!

Nova Scotia's Cyndi & Talbot Sweeney combined there love for camping and the great outdoors, with their taste for travel and the finer luxuries in life - and began a business that's welcoming glampers from the US, the UK and across Canada too.

Cyndi & Talbot Sweeney

As the Canadian purveyor of beautiful bell tent experiences around the Maritimes they offer packages that take the really do take rough out of roughing it.

Wonderful too is the fact they are enlisting so many other local elements into their offering - from the coffee and fresh farmers market food to the all natural skin care products - every detail has been considered.

East Coast Glamping quote

We asked Cyndi to give us a smidge more insight into East Coast Glamping and here's what she wrote...

"We love, love, love creating experiences for people. 

The look and feel of our packages is likely derived from my mother and Nana being interior designers and my time working in promotions at YTV Canada where I created contests and prize experiences for kids.  I also grew up in a family business and know the importance of impeccable customer service.

East Coast Glamping 1

When I travelled in Europe I remember it was the little details that I cherished about a place. Dijon mustard in Dijon, tasting fondue in the Swiss Alps - and so with East Coast Glamping we really want to celebrate slow travel and a truly local Nova Scotia experience.  We provide Just Us! local coffee with French press bodums in our pantry packs.  I sew the T-Towels, which my daughter designed and I sew the buntings along with another local seamstress.

East Coast Glamping 2

We're working with two local skincare companies Nature's Natural Solutions (South Shore) and Swinkels Bee Products (Antigonish) and providing their products in our packs including locally made 'outdoor spray' (bug spray - all natural) and local antibacterial hand gel.

We also celebrate the Farmers' Markets and let our glampers know when and where to find one near their locations. If you want all natural granola, over-night oatmeal or homemade, locally-sourced soups and salads delivered to your campsite, we're working with a local company FoodNoise.org to make it happen.

East Coast Glamping 3

I'm so excited about East Coast Glamping because it's a completely different way to experience the Maritimes." CS  

You can read more about Cyndi & Talbots wonderful new business and plan your own glamping trip by visiting eastcoastglamping.ca

eastcoastglamping dot ca

SABStv HOME ShowEast Coast Glamping was featured in SEA AND BE SCENE TV's HOME Show - you can watch that episode by clicking here.


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