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THE HEALER is a new feature film starring Oliver Jackson-Cohen (NBC’s DRACULA), Camilla Luddington (GREY'S ANATOMY), Jorge Garcia (HAWAII FIVE-O) and Jonathan Pryce (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN).

Each week, Sea And Be Scene brings you an exclusive and intriguing glimpse into this exciting production, shooting this summer in Nova Scotia.


THE HEALER Happenings - First Edition
By Enrique Posner, Producer

Batman the dogIt's been a great first two weeks of prep on THE HEALER! We’re all here in Halifax: Paco (Writer/Director/Producer) Batman (his dog) Ricky (Producer) Begoña (Director's Assistant) Miguel Angel (Post-Production Supervisor) and Lorena (Friend). And we seem to have brought the sunny Madrid weather with us, and we’re settling into what will be our homes away from home for the next few months.

Nothing is more energizing than the excitement of a team coming together to work on a film. Linda Ambury (Line Producer) is our effective ringleader, and without a doubt the homemaker in the bunch. While the production offices are pretty nondescript, hers is without a doubt already the warmest and most welcoming – complete with a picture of her beautiful great-grandmother when she was a young lady, and this flyer which wisely advices anyone entering her office:
blog photo 1 May14 LINDA'S DOOR

We’ve been scouting locations in this beautiful city and its surroundings, with Jason Shipley (1st Assistant Director) – this has been our main priority so far. Paco and I had already been to Halifax, to hunt for the perfect filmmaking spots (Paco three times in fact) – however this time around, time is of the essence, and decisions need to be made. So we move around urgently together with members of the various departments: locations, transportation, direction, art department, camera and production – each weighing in on the pros and cons of each potential location.

The challenge is mind-boggling when you take into consideration all the factors that have to combine to make for a perfect location. Not only does it have to work for the script, the location must be available, attainable within budget, controllable for traffic and neighbours, oriented against the sun in just the right way for the director of photography, logistically viable for the assistant director, suitable for the large convoy of trucks that make up a production unit, and workable for the art department to dress or build. Indeed, Shaun Clarke (Locations Manager) and Andrew McInnes (co-Locations Manager) are unsung heroes who deserve far greater recognition than they get for the incredible work they do.

discovering Nova Scotia THE HEALER

We are also in the process of crewing up our other departments. Our crew contact sheet already has 50 names on it. I'll do my best on these dispatches to explain why each of these people is so necessary and what it is they do.

I do have one final thought for now: it never ceases to amaze me how well-oiled a film crew can be, even when that crew has never worked together before. I can't think of any other type of work environment where a large crew can assemble instantly and be at work without orientation and without missing a beat. I think part of it has to do with the timeless tradition of apprenticeship that exists in film. Filmmaking is still very much a craft, and where there is craft there are masters and there are apprentices. The difference between them, it is said, is that masters have already made all the mistakes that apprentices have yet to make.

The crew of THE HEALER has its share of masters. Javier Aguirresarobe our director of photography is undoubtedly one of them. Whether he's shooting one of the TWILIGHT films, or a film for Woody Allen, Javier is already showing Paco and I (and the others no doubt) what makes a great director of photography great. And we also have our share of apprentices who I hope will fondly remember their time on THE HEALER as one of the films early in their careers on which they made a few mistakes and thus learned their craft.

Enrique Posner THE HEALERMore on that later!

Stay tuned … EP

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Enrique Posner has produced a diverse slate of shorts and feature films, including UNCOVERED, JUSTIN AND THE KNIGHTS OF VALOR, METROLAND, and the Academy Award-nominated LADY AND THE REAPER. He has worked with Pedro Almodovar on HIGH HEELS and TIE ME UP TIE ME DOWN, and served as Managing Director of Warner Brothers Pictures International Spain. He is producing THE HEALER with Michael Volpe of Halifax’s Topsail Entertainment (Mr. D).


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