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THE HEALER is a new feature film starring Oliver Jackson-Cohen (NBC’s DRACULA), Camilla Luddington (GREY'S ANATOMY), Jorge Garcia (HAWAII FIVE-O) and Jonathan Pryce (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN).

Each week, Sea And Be Scene brings you an exclusive and intriguing glimpse into this exciting production, shooting this summer in Nova Scotia.


THE HEALER Happenings - Posted May 21, 2015
By Enrique Posner, Producer

We're in Los Angeles, standing in the Lobby of the Peninsula Hotel waiting to meet the woman that Paco imagined when he wrote the script for THE HEALER.

When he and I first discussed the leading role of Cecilia, we knew we needed someone who would do a lot more than draw the attention of our male lead (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) by virtue of her beauty.

Oliver Jackson-Cohen THE HEALERHe's a hunk himself, and plays a character who has no problem attracting female attention.

So Cecilia has to have that special something that sets her apart – intelligence, strength and independence.

Her character has a very specific purpose that isn’t revealed until the final act, so her performance must be subtle and layered.

We also wanted to entice an actress who would be known to audiences around the world, preferably someone popular on a TV show. Though many TV series are on hiatus during the summer, actors on the more successful shows are highly sought after and have very limited availability.

It was late February, and with growing unease I realized we needed to start moving fast if we were to start shooting in June. I was getting desperate and thought we might need a casting director to help. Little did I know I had one at home.

Camilla Luddington GREY'S ANATOMY photo credit Ron Tom ABCOne evening my 14-year-old daughter, Natalie, asked me how we were doing with the film and I told her about the challenges of casting the role. Being an obsessive Grey's Anatomy fan who's seen every episode of the past 11 seasons, it took her all of a nanosecond to point us in the direction of Camilla Luddington.

Nat was right.

Camilla would be perfect.

And as we learned shortly thereafter, she liked the script, and was willing to squeeze us into her crazy schedule.

And that's how we found ourselves waiting in the lobby of the Peninsula, anxious to meet our Cecilia.

At 2 p.m., as agreed, she arrives. Radiant and beautiful. She walks confidently towards us, smiles and gives us each a warm hug, immediately setting the tone. For the next 90 minutes we ate and spoke about life, the script, Canada, and dogs (her rescue dog Gus, Paco's Border Collie Batman – who stars in the film – and my black Lab Sandy). She and Paco exchanged views about the story and her character, seeking a shared understanding of how to accomplish the intense work that lies ahead.

Paco Arango, Camilla Luddington & Enrique Posner THE HEALER Happenings Blog

Good movies can be made by people who don't get along well. But something special happens when the work is shared by people who are generous and enjoy each other's company. Actors and their director who feel that way create something intangible that a camera can capture, something that breathes life into a film in a way that cannot be expressed in a script. It's a magical ingredient that makes a film wonderful, and makes the process fun for the whole crew.

Enrique Posner THE HEALERAfter our lunch, as we watched Camilla drive off, Paco and I turned to each other and smiled. She's going to be great! EP

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Enrique Posner has produced a diverse slate of shorts and feature films, including UNCOVERED, JUSTIN AND THE KNIGHTS OF VALOR, METROLAND, and the Academy Award-nominated LADY AND THE REAPER. He has worked with Pedro Almodovar on HIGH HEELS and TIE ME UP TIE ME DOWN, and served as Managing Director of Warner Brothers Pictures International Spain.

He is producing THE HEALER with Michael Volpe of Halifax’s Topsail Entertainment (Mr. D).


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