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Posted: March 2, 2015

When we put Shawn Doyle on our ONES TO WATCH list for 2015 - it was with plenty of great reason!


Now, without question last year was a very busy one for the NL actor - with guest roles on LOST GIRL, THE LISTENER, HANNIBAL, ROOKIE BLUE, a multi-episode arc on COVERT AFFAIRS, plus the mini-series LIZZIE BORDEN TOOK AN AX, and a long awaited return to REPUBLIC OF DOYLE as fan favourite Carl Mahar.


Oh, and we can't forget to mention Shawn was also part of the Emmy™ winning series FARGO... and those are just his TV roles.


Still, we here at Sea and be Scene believe this year will be even bigger and busier, for Mr.Doyle.

First up, and it's hard to find bigger... HOUSE OF CARDS.  After months and months of secrecy his recurring turn on the Netflix smash was revealed when Season 3 of HOC premiered Friday, February 27th.

Truth be told, we binge watched the entire season this weekend and enjoyed every minute of Shawn as Dr.Alan Cooke opposite fellow Canadian, Molly Parker (Congresswoman Jackie Sharp). Here at SABS we frown on spoilers, so that's all we'll say about that awesome news. HOUSE OF CARDS Seasons 1 - 3 are streaming now so be sure to check it out for yourself.


The Labrador City native has also landed a regular spot on the new Syfy series THE EXPANSE.  Based on the New York Times bestselling book series, collectively know as The Expanse, it's described as "a thriller set two hundred years in the future - it follows the case of a missing young woman who brings a hardened detective and a rogue ship’s captain together in a race across the solar system to expose the greatest conspiracy in human history."


Those two top notch roles along with a bunch of other rumblings had us yearning for a turn to talk with Shawn about everything that's new in his world. For now both geography and a hectic schedule has us limited to a written interview with the Toronto based actor - but as you'll read below... it may not be long before he's back with us on the East Coast. We'll have our camera at the ready - until then, please enjoy this Q&A (as they say) with the award winning and wonderful Shawn Doyle.

SHAWN DOYLE HOUSE OF CARDS Season 3SABS: Judging by the trailer above, THE EXPANSE looks like nothing else we've seen on the small screen before - what has the experience been like for you?

Shawn Doyle: The scale of this thing is HUGE; think GAME OF THRONES in space. In fact, I heard today it is the most expensive television show ever produced, next to GAME OF THRONES… I don’t know if that’s true but the sets and scope and photography are incredible. The creators wrote IRON MAN and CHILDREN OF MEN, so they don’t mind thinking big.

The story focuses on our future solar system that is colonized and being mined for valuable resources. There is a plot by some mysterious entity to incite a civil war between Earth and Mars, and all the individual stories are connected in various ways to that story progression.

I play Secretary Errinwright, the second-in-command of Earth’s governing body, the UN (we’re way in the future, of course). So far, it’s been a very surreal job…. I show up for a scene every now and then and advise, question or order Christen Avasarala (played by the amazing Shohreh Aghdashloo), as we try to sort out this mess between the various political factions of the solar system. It’s odd to do my little part of such a huge show…I haven’t even met most of the other principal actors…we’re all in at different times, depending on what planet they are shooting that day.

Best Selling Book Series THE EXPANSE

SABS: The story combines a futuristic landscape with a timeless battle of good over evil - there's no doubt the darkness of space that serves as a backdrop makes the latter seem all the more powerful and harder to overcome.  You're playing one of the good guys in this one (I think) and I wondered what about the script resonated with you?

Shawn Doyle: I'm not a big sci fi fan, but the scripts really are page-turners. The quality of the writing is top drawer. I love political thrillers and a good mystery, and this is definitely both those things at redline.

SABS: With your talent it shouldn't be a surprise, but it's always a great one to see you pop up on the screen especially when it's in one of our favourite shows! Now that it's finally streaming and the secret is out - what was it like to be a part of HOUSE OF CARDS?

Shawn Doyle: It was a warm set, but also a little intimidating. The challenge was always to show up and give a hundred, even if you hadn’t been there for weeks…it’s tough to re-enter and stay relaxed and forget about the fact that you’re on HOUSE OF CARDS and just do the work. It’s also another big series with a lot of characters, and the cast basically fly into Baltimore when they’re needed, shoot a scene or two, then fly home. So again, surreal.

Shawn Doyle & Molly Parker HOUSE OF CARDS Season 3

SABS: Your pal Mark O'Brien told us you two are working together on a project.... can you spill any details on that one?

Shawn Doyle: Mark and I are currently writing a feature to be shot in NL. We’ve teamed up with a producing team down there, and ideally I would direct the film and Mark would star. But we are at the VERY EARLY stages of development. It will be some time before we can share any details.  But this is the second project we’ve developed together; the first was a TV series, co-created and written by his Father-In-Law David Reilly. We love working together, be it acting or developing new projects.

SABS: Naturally - we're anxious to have you working back on the East Coast again - can we look forward to that anytime soon?

Shawn Doyle: At the moment, I”m weighing two film offers…one that would take me to the East Coast and one that would keep me here. WHICH ONE STEPH? WHICH ONE SHOULD I DO???

SABS: Come HOME Mr.Doyle!!! COME HOME!

While you're here check out Shawn Doyle and our entire list of ONES TO WATCH for 2015 by watching SABStv Ep.308 here.

Shawn Doyle ONE TO WATCH 2015 click here to play episode

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