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Posted: March 22, 2015

We were completely thrilled and right some proud when CAST NO SHADOW was nominated for four Canadian Screen Awards including Best Picture, but we can't say were surprised.  After all, it swept the Atlantic Film Festival Awards when it premiered there last September - and deservedly so!

CAST NO SHADOW SPECIAL SCREENINGSEA AND BE SCENE TV was there to chat with the AFF2014 Best Director Christian Sparkes, and the AFF2014 winner for Best Atlantic Screenplay Joel Thomas Hynes, who also stars in the film.  We even had a chance to catch up to the movie's lead Percy Hynes White on the Red Carpet before his AFF2014 Award Winning Outstanding Performance and his co-star Gavin Snow too.

Needless to say it gives us great joy to tell you CAST NO SHADOW is coming to theatres in April - opening in the following select cities on Friday, April 3/15

Halifax, NS - Scotiabank Theatre (formally Cineplex Bayers Lake)

St.John's, NL - Cineplex Cinemas Mount Pearl

Toronto, ON - Carlton Cinema

Filmed on  breathtaking Bell Island, NL - CAST NO SHADOW's award winning cinematography is worth the price of admission alone - but you'll be gripped by the story and blown away by Percy's performance!  Be sure to go see it when it opens near you!

CNS - boys at cliff

You'll find the official release regarding the opening at the bottom of this post so have a read through that and while you're here be sure to check out our one-on-one interviews with the CAST NO SHADOW team and our AFF2014 Specials by clicking on the pictures below.

CHRISTIAN-SPARKES-extended-interview-feature-150x150Joel Thomas Hynes Extended InterviewCAST-NO-SHADOW-star-PERCY-HYNES-WHITE-pre-screening-interview-150x150GAVIN SNOW Cool People ProfileSABS tv 301 AFF pt1SABS tv 302 AFF2014 pt2



(Toronto| Newfoundland - March 20, 2015) Against a backdrop of Newfoundland’s rugged glory, a boy on the cusp of manhood wrestles with his legacy and soul – and a cave dwelling troll only he can see - in Christian Sparkes’ fantasy-drama feature debut Cast No Shadow.

Jude (Percy Hynes-White) is a delinquent, motherless 13-year-old. He’s the son of a chronic jailbird, and as far as the rural townsfolk are concerned, the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. But the “lies” that are said to come from his mouth, reveal a vibrant and sometimes violent imagination - fueled by books and manifested by an obsession with painting random objects gold and hoarding them.


His dreams and visions are his id at work, interpreting the cruel and occasionally sweet realities of his life. Among these: the beatings and abuse hurled at him by his brutal dad Angus (Percy’s real life father, Joel Thomas Hynes, who is also the movie’s screenwriter), the mistrust of sometime friends and a local cop, ridicule and bullying by the town teens and - in contrast - the coy affections of a local girl named Nancy and kindliness of a reclusive elderly woman (Mary-Colin Chisholm) who’s reputed to be a witch.

The debut feature, 1 of 8 films selected for Telefilms inaugural Micro-Budget Program, by Canadian Film Centre alumnus Sparkes was acclaimed from its first screening at the Atlantic Film Festival, where it swept the awards: garnering Best Atlantic Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actress, Best Actor (for young Percy) and Best Cinematography.

CNS - at waters edge

Its star continued to rise at the Canadian Screen Awards with nominations for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Art Direction/Production Design (Xavier Georges) and Best Original Score (Jeffrey Morrow).

“Whenever a character is beaten down or put in a hole by society, we like to envision their environment as means that can be overcome through hard work, luck, imagination, or all of the above,” says Sparkes. “When it happens it’s beautiful. When it doesn’t, it’s heartbreaking. And sometimes, as is the case with this film, it’s both.

“Cast No Shadow tells the story of a boy who yearns to transform into something he is not. A boy who was close to persevering, as so many are, but fell backwards. This is a boy I know well and am very fond of.  Screenwriter Joel Hynes knows him even better.”

Known for his trademark blend of fantasy and drama, Christian Sparkes’ short films have played around the world, including the Toronto International Film Festival and Cannes. His fellow Canadian Film Centre alumnus, screenwriter Joel Thomas Hynes, is a popular Newfoundland-based actor (The Book Of Negroes, Republic Of Doyle) who has written numerous stage plays and novels.

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