School’s Back in Session MR.D Season 4

Posted: January 6, 2015

After another summer filled with filming here in Halifax, Nova Scotia - the hilarious staff of Xavier Academy are set for Season 4 to begin.  The award winning CBC comedy will premiere Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at 9:30pm/ 10pm in Newfoundland.

Booth Savage & Gerry Dee on MR D

Funny man Gerry Dee returns to star along side East Coast folks PEI's Jonathan Torrens (Vice Principal Cheeley), Cape Breton's Bette MacDonald (Secretary Trudy Walsh), NB's own Booth Savage (Principal Mike Callaghan) and Nova Scotia born actor Liam Cyr (Jimmy DeGrazia). Lauren Hammersley, Suresh John, Mark Little, Naomi Snieckus, and Wes Williams will also be back along with some new cast members and special guests throughout the season!  Check out the sneak peek trailer above.

Bette MacDonald & Jonathan Torrens in MR D

In season four, Gerry's back at Xavier Academy after making the calculated decision to turn down a St. Pat's phys. ed. position at the end of season three. Of course, Gerry still desperately wants phys. ed., and while he won't get the class, he will finally have the opportunity to show off some real athletic prowess as coach of the senior boys' championship basketball team. No more grade five girls' volleyball.

MrDEps401 b

Gerry's moving up the inter-scholastic athletic competition ladder and he's dangerously motivated. Unfortunately, the team's prior success puts a spotlight on them, and spotlights rarely do Gerry any favours. When the pressure's on, true to character, Gerry will find a way to ruin a good thing. Many of the usual suspects butt heads with Gerry, questioning his "unique" teaching style and questionable choices. But season four also introduces several new students and staff members...some of whom even match Gerry's knack for inappropriate behaviour.

MrDEps401 a

This season, Gerry begins looking increasingly toward his future, striving for more. There's a whole world of opportunity and perhaps his proficiencies can take him places beyond the high school level.

He's AWESOME... cannot wait!

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