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It's no secret we love REPUBLIC OF DOYLE and likewise the stars of the hit show!  We've had the great pleasure of  watching the amazing cast perform for the past five seasons, and have had the awesome opportunity to chat on camera many times over the years as well.

But now - as we take in the sixth and finale season of the St.John's, NL based hit series - we want to turn the spotlight on the amazing team BEHIND THE SCENES.  It's our salute to the production team - the REPUBLIC OF DOYLE Crew Who's Who series - continuing now with a man whose been a real team player - off camera, on screen and on the ice to boot!

Meet..... Terry Ryan.

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What exactly does a Locations PA  do?

Hmmm... think janitor, minus toilet malfunctions, plus locking up a set.


What's been you favourite episode so far?

I'd say season 5, episode 13, for entirely selfish reasons!  It's called "Welcome Back, Crocker" and I got to do a stunt and get some airtime as a shady bouncer.

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James "the Binkman" Binkley is a good guy, is very respected within the industry, and works as our stunt coordinator so it was a thrill for me to work with him.

Also, I got to give Jake Doyle a couple of elbows upside 'da head, which was equally satisfying.

Seeing what we worked on come to life onscreen a few months later really made me realize how great our crew is and what a fantastic production team we have.

What's the best part of working on REPUBLIC OF DOYLE?

I'd say the camaraderie on set.  I play a lot of sports and I find the environment similar.  Every successful team is stronger as a unit than the individual sum of its parts.  We have a solid team.

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Experience is plentiful on set, and when rookies like me come along, we need all the help we can get; each department welcomed me with opened arms and helped me understand what the gig is all about, and I'm thankful for that.

What's your favourite thing to do in NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR when you're not filming REPUBLIC OF DOYLE?

Well, that changes daily... I think a safe answer is go to one of our many fine restaurants and after that hit one of our many fine drinking establishments in order to watch one of our many fine entertainers, live.

And you think Jake & Leslie should end up together?

Of course I do.  I think they should fall into a vat of Krazy-glue and end up joined together, literally.

Jake and Leslie Ep 501 Good Cop Bueno Cop



SABS On-Line Hook-Ups for Terry Ryan


Twitter: @terryryan20  Facebook: Terrytales


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