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Updated: October 9, 2014

Earlier this evening we caught up to Allan Hawco in Halifax, NS.  He's crossing the country to celebrate the upcoming Season 6 premiere of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE (Oct. 15/14).  We've got a Double Dose of Doyle coming up on SEA AND BE SCENE TV - with Part 1 premiering on Community ONE Monday, October 20th - so in the interview above we talked about both his movie project HYENA ROAD and the forthcoming series CAUGHT.


Posted: October 8, 2014

We're just days away from the Season 6 Premiere of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE (Oct. 15/14) - days away from getting the answers to our long awaited answers...

ALLAN HAWCO set to premiere one series with news of a NEW showWill Leslie live? Will Jake go to jail? Will Des and Tinny stay together?.... If Leslie does live and Jake doesn't go to jail - will Jake and Leslie finally get hitched? Can't wait to find out.

At this point in the waiting we are certain of a few things though....

- After 6 years production on the St.John's series has wrapped.

- A shortened season means there will be only 10 episodes to 'wrap things up' so to speak

- There will be a feature film(s) in the future so 610 doesn't mean the last we'll hear of our favourite P.I. and his pals

- Allan Hawco is busy!

That last point is nothing new -  but all things considered I thought the man would have taken a bit of break. But NO.... no breaks.

jake_mainIf you follow the fella  on twitter @allanhawco - you'll know he's just finished up work in Manitoba.  He was there shooting HYENA ROAD written and directed by Paul Gross who also stars in the film along side Rossif Sutherland (REIGN), Clark Johnson (THE WIRE) and David Richmond Peck (ORPHAN BLACK). The film tells the story of "Three different men, three different worlds, three different wars - all stand at the intersection of modern warfare - a murky world of fluid morality where all is not as it seems." (source).  Another star of note is Christina Horne who starred opposite Hawco in his last Company Theatre production - "Belleville" (interview).

The first screening of Ep. 601 took place tonight in St.John's from there Allan will work his way west - Halifax tomorrow and so on - meeting and greeting the fans, and answering all those the "what's next?" questions.

caughtAs of today what's next includes a brand new series.  Just announced - Hawco's Take the Shot Productions has teamed up with Entertainment One to produce a television series based on internationally acclaimed NL Author Lisa Moore's much celebrated novel "Caught".

Hawco will take the title role David Slaney - a prison escapee who had been jailed for drug smuggling - now on the lamb and looking to connect with his old partner in crime Brian Hearn (hmmmmmm I wonder who'll play that part?).  That's how the book goes... no doubt the series will have the same flavour of high stakes intrigue and drama - we'll see how it plays out on the small screen.  Currently in development - CAUGHT will be broadcast on CBC.

If all goes as planned - I'll be meeting up with Mr. Hawco while he's in Halifax so I'll get as much scoop as I can on this and all the other exciting news from his world and report back - please stay tuned for that and our all NEW REPUBLIC OF DOYLE On-Set Special airing in two parts on SEA AND BE SCENE TV - with part one premiering Monday, October 20, 2014.

In the meantime....

Check out SABS tv REPUBLIC OF DOYLE in HALIFAX, ALLAN HAWCO Extended Interview

extended interview

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  1. My girlfriend Jeanette and i are big fans of R o D and we were totally surprised to meet Allan during our return flight from St-John' s to Ottawa via Halifax! Jeanette was the first to spot Allan sitting in the front of the plane immediately upon boarding the plane and gave me the scoop with overwhelming excitement as she said "OMG that Jake Doyle and he has the most gorgeous eyes" and i replied "Allan is sitting there? Allan overheard us, looked back and said hi to Jeanette and i. She quickly shouted out if she could get a photo with him he replied no problem. Allan was seated in the first row next to the lavatory which often had a line up of mostly ladies and seeing their subtle but noticeable way double and triple takes as they recognized him was priceless!!! Half way
    through the flight Allan came to our seat and gave us that very special moment "a shot of him and Jeanette which was the icing on our amazing Newfoundland vacation. On his way out Allan nodded and smiled in our direction which truly showed us his kindness, class and charm so " thank you Allan being a great closer to our unbelievable Newfoundland adventure 🙂 Cheers.. Marc Fortin

    Comment by Marc Fortin — October 10, 2014 @ 7:25 pm

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