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Posted: September 25, 2014

HAVENHere at Sea and be Scene we've been in love with HAVEN since it began and we've enjoyed every minute of profiling the stars and guest stars of the show.  That's an affinity now shared by millions of folks - as the cast of HAVEN is beloved around the world. But just as it takes a 'Village to Keep A Secret'... it also takes one to make the magic we've been enjoying for the past four seasons. So as the HAVEN team works throughout the fall to bring us a super-sized season 5 - we're celebrating the people behind the scenes.  It's our salute to the production team - the HAVEN Crew Who's Who series - continuing now with a fella who's a key player in how HAVEN looks in every episode.... meet Kevin Lewis.

kevin lewis haven crew who's whoHAVEN SLATE Kevin Lewis

film med

What exactly does a key scenic artist do?

We add the colour and texture to the sets, as well as create signs and artwork.

The designer decides the look of a set or an object called for in the script, and the art department then generates a drawing; the carpenters build it; and we paint and texture it.

Kevin and Tony

Finally, the set decorators dress it.

We also paint props and build organic things like rocks or tree roots out of foam

kevin lewis haven crew chainsaw

film-b (2)What's the worst "trouble" you've seen in HAVEN?

When someone stole John and Harv's truck just before this season started. John and Harv are our caterers. They still managed to cook amazing meals for the whole crew for 3 months – out of a tiny van. Lunch is a huge deal for my department (ha ha).

What's the best part of working on HAVEN?

Things aren't always straightforward on HAVEN.

I like that.

There is an element of problem solving. We often have to ask ‘How are we going to do this?’

I also work with a lot of super-talented people, whom I happen to like, which is nice.

What's your favourite thing to do in Nova Scotia when you're not filming HAVEN?

I am a bit of an art junkie.

I make art and love to see good art. So much so that I opened an art gallery with my friend Dave Hayden called Parentheses.

Parentheses Gallery & Art Projects

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HAVEN fans will be interested to know that Eric Cayla (the show’s Cinematographer ) will be showing his large-scale photographs in October.


Click here for more details

Nathan and Audrey or Audrey and Duke?

It has to be Nathan. Poor Duke.

503 Spotlight Nathan and Audrey - Mara


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For more info on HAVEN and to watch full episodes in CANADA visit www.showcase.ca/haven and in the US visit www.syfy.com/haven

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