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Posted: August 18, 2014

Waving the East Coast fun flag one episode at a time – It's SEA AND BE SCENE TV with your host Stephanie Beaumont, broadcast on Bell Aliant's Community ONE channel.

Sea-and-be-Scene-TV11A staple of our website celebration here on has been the Cool People Profiles in which we ask everyone from singers and songwriters, to film makers and movie stars, authors to athletes artists to all kinds of awesome folks about their favourite East Coast things – best place for a coffee or a pint, best places to shop - favourite view, 3 things you should do and what makes their native Atlantic Province so special.

In this episode we'll share some of those favourites with you - and since the Cool People Profiles were designed to give you some the inside scoop on where the Cool People go this promises to be a very cool show! Our guests in this episode include Karen and Maureen Ennis, Lennie Gallant, David Myles, Stuart Cameron, Damhnait Doyle, Tim Chaisson, Mary Jane Lamond, Bette MacDonald, Jonathan Torrens, Maria Panopalis, Justin Martin and the late great Rita MacNeil.

We hope you'll enjoy this special - watch for some great advice and then be sure to follow it to see the very best of Atlantic Canada!


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