REPUBLIC OF DOYLE The Definitive Guide to Doyle

july 25

About the Book...

It’s titled “REPUBLIC OF DOYLE: Definitive Guide to Doyle” but we call it 227 pages of goodness!!!

Compiled and edited by show writer Kerri MacDonald and designed by graphic artist Mike Mouland, it’s an authorized look at the first two seasons of CBC's hit TV series featuring episode overviews, character pages, tons of pictures (some with a scantily clad Jake), cast interviews, popular show quotes, location maps, a look at the real Duke of Duckworth, GTO specs, music notes, and more!

Bottom line…if you’re a fan... it’s everything you love about the show, wanted to know about the show and always wondered about the show….

It's DOYLE-icious!!!

Foreword by Perry Chafe and Allan Hawco.

Third Place finish in the Reference Category of the 2011 Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada

While you're here check out chat with author Kerri MacDonald on the set of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE.

SEA AND BE SCENE interview with author Kerri MacDonald

About the Author

Kerri-MacDonaldKerri MacDonald grew up in Middle Cove, just outside St. John’s, Newfoundland, and never left. After pursuing an English degree at Memorial University, Kerri started as an advertising copywriter in 1998 and has been successfully working and freelancing in print and television ever since. She has developed branding and marketing campaigns for many clients, local and national – cars and pickup trucks, aerospace companies, liquor, beer, universities, hot tubs, tourism, casinos, law firms, banks and chicken…you name it, she’s probably written an ad for it. Working on the show has allowed Kerri to implement some of that knowledge and in 2010, her work on the web for REPUBLIC OF DOYLE netted her a Canadian New Media Award Nomination for Best Use of Social Media. She also wrote many of the show’s Season 1 webisodes.

Deanne Foley and Kerri MacDonald Ep605 REPUBLIC OF DOYLE

It was spending time on commercial sets that Kerri got the bug for working in film and TV. A seasoned set veteran, she developed another career as a crew member in the art department, dressing sets and doing props for shorts and features. Soon she wrote one of her own and someone else dressed the set for a change. Her hilarious and one-of-a-kind comic short Mum’s the Word… starring Mark O’Brien was funded and filmed in the winter of 2009 through the NIFCO PictureStart program and won Best in Newfoundland at the 2010 Nickel Independent Film Festival in St. John’s. Also in 2010, Kerri was commissioned by Rabbittown Theatre to write a play for the Cupids 400 Celebrations in the province. The result was The Feast of the Sword, about a night of life or death competition aboard pirate Peter Easton’s ship in 1610. Swordfights and hilarity ensued. Kerri discovered that pirates are cool.

A self-professed fan girl at heart, Kerri has immersed herself in all things Doyle to write this book. And she thought she was all Doyle, all the time, before – Kerri spent Seasons 1 and 2 of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE as the story coordinator and has worked as a writer on the show from Seasons 3 through to and including this their 6th and final season.


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