Trinity Bradshaw – No Place Like Home on Prince Edward Island

Occupation: Singer/Songwriter/dreamer 😉

Place of Birth: Summerside, PEI

Currently Resides: Calgary, AB

Where’s your favourite place in Prince Edward Island to grab a coffee?

I would have to say Tim Hortons. You can ask 95 percent of the population in Summerside, and that would be their answer. OH! There is also a Bakin Donuts - which is pretty good too.

Where’s your favourite place in Prince Edward Island to grab a pint?

I would go to Charlottetown to Hunters Ale House...its the next City over (the only other "City" on PEI)… Such a sweet venue for live music.

Where’s your favourite place to shop in Prince Edward Island?

haha. We don’t really have shopping...Other than Zellers, Walmart, Sportcheck and Aldo … Im gonna say Value Village, because one man's trash is another Trinity's gold. lol

What's the one meal you miss the most when you're away?

LOBSTER!!! Fresh off the boat, boiled at home however you like it, put em in the fridge to cool down, and eat them when they are cold. No butter, just the juicy taste of the oceans big mac. (I also love a good big mac)

Where in Prince Edward Island would we stand to see your favourite view?

Easy! Thunder Cove.

Thunder Cove photo courtesy of Tourism PEIName 3 things we’ve gotta do when we visit Prince Edward Island:

1. Go to the Cavendish Boardwalk - where they hold the Cavendish Beach Music Festival, and grab a Beaver Tail as you walk in the sun...While you're there, drive down the road to the beautiful Cavendish Beach!

2. Go down to one of two Summerside Fish Markets, and get yourself some fresh oysters (my fav), Lobster, Crab, Quahogs, or scallops...yum!

3. Check out the live music. We have an overload of talent on PEI...most just play their guitar to play and get better, there's nothing else to do. No one dreams to be famous on PEI, no one cares about fame at all, just sing your heart out to the folks that love it. It really is incredible. I would say a lot of Canada's talent resides there.

What makes Prince Edward Island such a special place on earth for you?

The scenery is perfect, just grab a blanket and a song writing book and start writing - its inspiring! The people are so nice...sometimes too nice. They say if you step on an islander's foot, THEY will say sorry. For real, its one of the best places on earth.

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