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TVA Films and Pacific Northwest Pictures are pleased to announce that Cory Monteith starrer ALL THE WRONG REASONS will be available on DVD, VOD, iTunes, and SONY across Canada on June 23, 2014.

ATWR DVD 3DShot in Halifax, ALL THE WRONG REASONS is the feature debut from award-winning writer and director Gia Milani, and is one of two features Cory Monteith completed before his tragic death. In this emotional and ultimately uplifting ensemble drama,
Mr. Monteith is joined on screen by a trio of Canada’s most exciting young talents -- Karine Vanasse (Polytechnique, Pam Am), Kevin Zegers (The Colony, Transamerica), and Emily Hampshire (Cosmopolis, Good Neighbors, My Awkward Sexual Adventure). The film was produced by Strong Arm Pictures, Buffalo Gal Pictures, and Shore Road Pictures.

GIA-MILANI-at-the-Atlantic-Premiere-of-ALL-THE-WRONG-REASONSFollowing a bittersweet bow at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, writer/director Gia Milani was awarded the 2013 Grolsch Discovery Prize for her exceptional filmmaking journey to date. “We are thrilled to recognize Gia Milani for her incredible perseverance and unshakeable vision,” said Sarah Waldock, Director of Marketing for Grolsch. “ALL THE WRONG REASONS was truly a labour of love and commitment, and Gia’s passion, coupled with her tenacity and innovative approach to the rigorous and creative aspects of filmmaking made her an ideal choice for the Discovery Award. She had to overcome so much for this project to come to fruition. This film also serves as a testament to the talent and charisma of Cory Monteith.”

ALL THE WRONG REASONS follows four co-workers at a big box department store who are all struggling to connect and come to terms with their lives. Since witnessing a tragic family event, Kate (Vanasse) has kept herself as physically and emotionally isolated as possible while her husband James (Monteith), the store’s ambitious manager, does his best to force Kate out of her shell.


Missing intimacy, James becomes close with Nicole (Hampshire), a cashier who is clinging to what’s left of her youth while juggling single motherhood. When a new temp employee arrives (Zegers), his determination to overcome his struggles and achieve his dream helps Kate to re-evaluate her life and begin the transition back to the person she once was.


The script, written by Milani, received two major awards prior to going to camera – the Script Accessible Award at the Slamdance film festival in 2010, and the Final Draft Big Break Competition (top 20 out of 3,500 submissions).

Milani also serves as producer on the film alongside Tony Whalen and Phyllis Laing, with Pacific Northwest Pictures’ Emily Alden and Myriad Pictures’ Kirk D’Amico serving as executive producers.

ALL THE WRONG REASONS is produced with the participation of Telefilm Canada, the Province of New Brunswick, the Nova Scotia Film Industry Tax Credit, the New Brunswick Film Tax Credit, the Canadian Production Services Tax Credit, Pacific Northwest Pictures, and Myriad Pictures.


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