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Posted: June 11, 2014

We've posted about Newfoundland native Mark O'Brien many times on the site before, and we've been lucky enough to interview the man on camera many too. (check out the bottom of this post for all the links).

We've enjoyed writing about his acting skills in guest starring movie and TV roles and most especially about his work as Des Courtney on the CBC hit series REPUBLIC OF DOYLE.

Mark-OBrien-on set of KATHYWe've also celebrated his successes as an independent filmmaker.  Both as a screenwriter and director, his film shorts have won awards and garnered great critical acclaim.

So, it's only fitting now that we salute Mr.O'Brien this week, as he - for the first time ever - in this their sixth and final season - stakes his claim on the director's chair for REPUBLIC OF DOYLE episode #602.

sdtweetAs is the protocol - plot lines are on lockdown - especially after the gut-wrenchingly crazy cliff hanger that left us with a limp and lifeless Leslie and Jake facing a lifetime of incarceration , but we do know this episode will include guest star NL fella Shawn Doyle who returns to his role as Carl Maher.

Whether he's back as the wild and crazy Carl of Season 3's "Dead Man Talking" or closer to the mean and menacing Maher of Season 1's "Blood Is Thicker Than Blood" remains to be scene - we can tell ya, however, if you're gonna have a guest star to work with - ain't nobody better!

Shawn Doyle as Carl Maher

And while we're on the subject - if you follow the gang on twitter you'll know this season will be filled with guest stars!

jason o'mara tweet june 10,2014Tracking the twitter trail of Irish born actor Jason O'Mara over the past week we discovered he was in St.John's - after some exchange between cast and locals we're intrigued as to how (and if) he'll figure into the premiere episode.

Both Alan Doyle and Scott Grimes aka Wolf and Jimmy will be back and there's plenty more where that came from - suggest you follow the show @republicofdoyle and @allanhawco (if you're not already) - and follow us too @seaandbescene - as we're always gleaning what we can and reading between the tweets where necessary 😉

grimes and doyle tweets

We're also confident we've not seen the last of Maurice Becker and while Allan Hawco himself told me at the Season 5 Premiere Party he wanted to find the "right time " to bring him back - we can't imagine the final 10 shows of the series not including Mr.Gordon Pinsent - so stay tuned for that one.

We'll have lots more as the St.John's production rolls on and the countdown continues to the season 6 premiere of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE on CBC, Wednesday, October 8th. SABS



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