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Posted: May 5, 2014

Well how's this for awesome news?! And it could happen to three sweeter or more talented people.

The Once & Me (Andrew Dale, Phil Churchill & Geraldine Hollett)I remember a little over a year ago chatting with Geraldine, Phil and Andrew at The Inn of Olde in St.John's, NL (click here to watch) and they mentioned having met this incredible artist named Passenger.

Many a time since I have tweeted their lovely collaboration “The Way That I Need You,” (watch above) and more recently their work together on Passenger's new tune "Whispers" (click here for that).

How fantastic now that their friendship has flourished into a full fledged world tour - Wahoo!!! Some cool wha?!

Hope they'll send us a couple of POSTcards from the road (hint hint). SABS



The Once Announce Major Worldwide Tour

St. John’s, NL – Newfoundland folk/roots group, the Once, are about to embark on an amazing journey, spending much of the year touring the world with chart-topping artist, Passenger.  The Once has been steadily building audiences in Canada and abroad and now their upcoming tour with Passenger will take them onto some of the biggest stages in the world.

The Once are supporting and performing with Passenger at all of his headlining concerts this year. The tour begins in Atlanta on August 2, continues into Europe and the UK in the fall, and concludes in January with dates in Australia and the Far East. Highlights include famous venues such as the Vic Theatre in Chicago, First Avenue in Minneapolis, the Olympia in Paris, and the Apollo Theatre in London, England.

The relationship between Passenger and the Once began with a chance meeting at a festival in Glasgow, Scotland, where both acts were taping a radio show.


“It would seem our mothers were wrong about getting into vans with strange bearded men and heading to hotel rooms in foreign countries,” explains singer and instrumentalist Phil Churchill.  “If not for our reckless ‘yes’ to Mike Rosenburg's request in a cold church basement in Glasgow, we would not have become Passenger's passengers on the greatest ride the Once has recorded to date.”

On that cold January afternoon, Passenger (aka Mike Rosenberg), was just beginning his stratospheric rise to the top of the world’s pop charts. He invited the Once to sing with him in an informal video he was making of his own musical journey.

Passenger WHISPERSThe musicians became friends, and as Passenger’s song ‘Let Her Go’ topped radio charts around the world, they talked of working and singing together on future projects.

In January of 2014, The Once flew to Australia to record vocals for his new album, and the trio appears in his new video for the song ‘Whispers’.

“It was an intense and amazing experience,” says Once lead singer Geraldine Hollett. “Mike is a fantastic guy. He is serious about the business, like ourselves. We worked and worked harder than we ever have and in the end he asked us to go on tour with him.”

Although the two acts have very different backgrounds, they found much in common through a shared love of the warmth of acoustic instruments, the ability to tell stories, and an approach to music that places sincerity above all else.

THE ONCE -  Photo credit Renita Fillatre 2

“Passenger has an honesty, a humility, a humanity in his music that will make you a better person whether you want to be or's poignant, it's can march or make out to it...or both,” says Churchill.

The band is excited for the travel and the renowned venues, but also for the chance to work with someone they consider a friend and fellow traveller.

“Passenger makes you a better singer, better player and better person when you're in the studio with him,” explains Churchill. “He's funny, he's caring, he's accommodating, he's encouraging, he's complimentary...he's all of the things that far too many people at that level feel they no longer have to be because they have made it to that level. They're wrong. He's right.”

The Once are currently putting the finishing touches on a new album of their own with producer John Critchley in Toronto, for worldwide release later this year.


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