SABStv Road Trip Part 2

Posted: April 28, 2014

Waving the East Coast fun flag one episode at a time – It's SEA AND BE SCENE TV with your host Stephanie Beaumont, broadcast on Bell Aliant's Community ONE channel.

Sea-and-be-Scene-TV11In this second part of a two part special we're on the road to Toronto, Ontario in search of East Coast folks and kindred spirits.

We visit the set of the hit series THE LISTENER and catch up for full interview and a fun round of 1st things 1st with star, Nova Scotia's own Craig Olejnik.  We sit down at the TO production offices of Cape Breton born comedian Ron James and we meet up with MURDOCH MYSTERIES star NL's Jonny Harris at one of his favourite Toronto spots Luce. Plus we meet Key Hair Stylist Jenn Gould and discover her cool connection with THE LISTENER.

We also connect for a coffee with actress, writer and kindred Katie Boland (REIGN) to get some insight in how she's landed so many roles.  And we've got a fun blooper from part 1 of our Road Trip special courtesy of NL's Shawn Doyle (FARGO) that was too good to leave on the cutting room floor.

I hope you enjoy watching this episode as much as we did making it! SABS

ps - you can catch Part 1 of our special by clicking here.

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215 -free-stuff winner Olivia Robinson Stratford PEI

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