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Posted: January 24, 2014

It’s Friday and we've got a very special edition of the Sea and be Scene Friday Favourite Four.  The #FFF is your weekly chance to discover the four favourites of your favourite East Coast folks. The four questions will always stay the same... only the folks will change.…

This week our spotlight turns to a fella who spent but a smidge of time in St.John's this past summer – but trust me when I say – his impact was great. Plus he's super handsome and crazy talented, so we're bending our rules ever so slightly to include him (read on and you'll see why).

SueThomasFBEye HIGH TIDEBorn in Montreal, QC he has travelled the world for his craft. With over 70 film and television roles to his credit – it's fair to say he's been busy since his 1984 breakout as Spear Kozak in the made for TV movie HOCKEY NIGHT, with Megan Follows and Rick Moranis.

Whether in his role as the much respected Jack Hudson on the crime drama series SUE THOMAS: F.B.Eye or the much desired Joey Barrett opposite Rick Springfield in HIGH TIDE - his work on the small screen has been extensive. Throw in a wide range of made for TV movies like YOUNG AT HEART with Olympia Dukakis and Frank Sinatra, guest starring roles on shows like FLASHPOINT and THE LISTENER, and re-occuring roles for shows like FALCON BEACH and SOUL FOOD - and he's played everything from a surfing do-gooder to a stockbroker turned cowboy... talk about range.

These days he can be found... back in time – fighting crime on CBC's hit period-drama MURDOCH MYSTERIES. In his title role as Detective William Murdoch his fan base has reached an all-time high and the show is broadcast is more markets around the world than ever before. (We should note too, at this time, the series co-stars NL's Jonny Harris as Constable Crabtree and SABS kindred spirit Georgina Reilly as Dr.Grace)

Murdoch Mysteries

And so it's this show – MURDOCH MYSTERIES that has precipitated our feature today – for it was while that series shot a special episode on location in Newfoundland this past summer (which btw was spectacular) that Detective William Murdoch crossed over to the future and became Detective Bill Murdoch on our much beloved REPUBLIC OF DOYLE. Completely cool right?!

yannick_and_allan Republic of Murdoch

Oh, how we enjoyed Allan Hawco's trip to the past in MURDOCH MYSTERIES Ep.708 "Republic of Murdoch", and now this coming Wednesday, January 29 at 9 p.m. (9:30 NT) we can look forward to none other than the awesome Yannick Bisson to guest star in REPUBLIC OF DOYLE's Ep. 514 “If The Shoe Fits”.

Yannick Bisson in the GTO picture tweeted by Allan Hawco Jan 24, 2014He'll play a Toronto cop who journeys to St.John's on a kidnapping case and crosses paths with Jake... for an episode like no other. Can't wait to watch!!!

We're ever so grateful you've shared your four favourites with us Mr.Bisson!

You are indeed - the very knees of the bee!! SABS

Yannick Bisson - Favourite Book

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Yannick Bisson - Favourite Famous Dinner Companion

Be sure to follow Yannick on Twitter like we do @yannick_bisson

Tune in for MURDOCH MYSTERIES on CBC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET (8:30 NT) and follow on Twitter @CBCMurdoch

For the official CBC sites for MURDOCH MYSTERIES click here and for REPUBLIC OF DOYLE click here

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