SHANNON TWEED Returns to the Republic

Posted: November 20, 2012

Here at Sea and be Scene we're always happy when Wednesdays roll around - it's DOYLE Day!  Today, however, we're over the moon as this week's episode of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE features the one and only Shannon Tweed-Simmons.  And if that wasn't cool enough - her daughter Sophie is guest starring too!

Indeed, twitter was a blaze this past August when the Newfoundland native returned to her role as the gun totin', knife wieldin' Frances Lemont! You've gotta know tonight's episode #507 "Hook, Line & Sinker" will be a blast.

Shannon Tweed S3 and Sophie Tweed-Simmons S5 REPUBLIC OF DOYLE

As for Shannon's trip back to the homeland... it was both business and pleasure (as you'll discover in our interview).  With Sophie as her co-star and her husband, rocker Gene Simmons in St.John's for back to back KISS concerts at Mile One - the visit allowed for some family time too.

We're also pleased to report tonight's episode of DOYLE isn't the only time we'll see Shannon and Sophie together on screen as actresses - they've got a feature film in the works for the new year too! PLUS their just announced reality series for the W Network will beginning airing in December. Can't wait for all of it!

With her always busy schedule - we were so pleased when Mrs.T-S once again made time for us - so without further ado - here's our Q&A as they say, with Shannon Tweed-Simmons.

GSFJSABS: First let me just say – I miss following you around – it seemed like the whole world shadowed your every move there with GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS – I know you've got lots of other stuff on the go but I just wondered do you miss us? 😉

Shannon Tweed-Simmons: I can honestly say I did NOT miss the GSFJ cameras for a very long time. I do miss being busy, but I find that's easy to remedy. If I get any more dogs Gene may shoot me! We have 6 at home and Soph has 2 at her house.
We will however, be starting a new reality TV show for the W Network in Canada. No air date or title yet but we start shooting mid Dec and yes, Gene and hopefully Nick will make appearances. The show will mostly feature Sophie and I and what we've been up to.

SABS: The good news for fans is that we'll be seeing a lot more of you – starting Wednesday night on an all new REPUBLIC OF DOYLE.  The fiesty Frances Lemont makes her return to the REPUBLIC and you've brought along a friend!

Shannon Tweed-Simmons: Yes! And it was the first time I have worked with Sophie as an 'actress' so it was lots of fun!

Shannon Tweed, Sophie Tweed Simmons & Gene Simmons with Allan Hawco & RofD gang

SABS: I know the Tweed-Simmons clan was in St.John's to work – between the Kiss concerts and the DOYLE set there mustn't have been much down time – did you squeeze in some site seeing? 

Shannon Tweed-Simmons: I did visit a few friends in NFLD this time and get out for some whale watching on the Irish Mist in Dildo. They are great friends and though we only saw dolphins and eagles it was a beautiful fun filled day with my sis Sara, her son Nate, my daughter and Sara's then boyfriend Greg. They are now married and that happened when Gene and I renewed our vows recently in Hawaii (his idea).

seedSABS: Very happy to see you involved in another East Coast Project – was SEED as much fun to work on as it is to watch?

Shannon Tweed-Simmons: SEED was a great cast and crew to work with, but that is what I would expect in the Maritimes! I play lead character, Rose's mom - watch for that.

SABS: Wasn't sure if “SEX, MARRIAGE AND INFIDELITY IN NEW YORK" is a working title or just really self explanatory – but all will be revealed next Valentine's Day I'm sure.

Shannon Tweed-Simmons: Sophie and I both have parts in the movie. She said it was a funny script. I have not read it. My scene is a cameo and it only works one day. It will be Sophie's first movie. No…no nudity LOL

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