GIA MILANI Premieres “All the Wrong Reasons”

Updated: September 13, 2013

SABStv with AWARD WINNING DIRECTOR - GIA MILANICongratulations to Gia Milani on winning the 2013 Grolsch Film Works Discovery Award for ALL THE WRONG REASONS at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this week. 

SEA AND BE SCENE TV was there for the Atlantic Film Festival Premiere of ALL THE WRONG REASONS.  Stay tuned for feature interviews with the Award Winning Director, along with two of the film's stars Emily Hampshire and Denis Theriault.


Posted: September 3, 2013

When we first interviewed New Brunswick's Gia Milani she was in the midst of filming her first. (post)

All the Wrong Reasons posterThe story she began writing four years prior - ALL THE WRONG REASONS - was now unfolding in front of the camera.

Her characters coming to life as portrayed by stars Cory Monteith ("Glee"), Emily Hampshire (COSMOPOLIS), Kevin Zegers ("Gossip Girl") and Karine Vanasse (“Pan Am”).  Exciting times for sure.

This past March Milani graciously skyped in for SABStv's Movie Makers Special during the film's post production (watch) - sharing her advice for first time directors and edging ever closer completing her project.

In the month's since that broadcast her movie has made headlines, but sadly not at all the kind of focus the Fredericton filmmaker had ever imagined.

Cory Monteith - still from ALL THE WRONG REASONS credit - Stephanie Weber Biron

The death of Cory Monteith this past July was devastating news for family, friends and fans... and certainly for Milani as well.

Gia MilaniNow, after so many years and so many twists and turns in the journey - with just days to go till her film's world premiere - we've connected again.

ALL THE WRONG REASONS will debut at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) on Sunday, September 8th to a sold out and super stoked crowd.

What follows is our Q&A as they say with ALL THE WRONG REASONS  writer, director and co-producer Gia Milani

SABS: Well our math puts this ALL THE WRONG REASONS  journey of yours at about 5 years from first word on page to premiere - how does it feel to finally be showing your work to the world?
Gia Milani: It's like seeing the finish line ahead after a marathon. It is an unusual circumstance, so I think the elation I should be feeling isn't there, because we have part of our puzzle missing with Cory's passing. I think if all the players were present I would be on the ceiling with excitement. I am happy but it is tempered.

All-the-Wrong-Reasons star Cory Monteith credit - Stephanie Weber Biron

SABS: It's lovely for all of us to buy our tickets and take in the show - it's quite another to bring a vision to the big screen. With all of the time and effort and great faith it takes to make a movie - what would you say was the greatest lesson you took away from the experience?
Gia Milani: My greatest lesson is to have a great team who has got your back.  It is a long journey and you need to surround yourself with people who share your vision and who will champion it, because you will get too tired to push on alone after a few years.

SABS: In our first interview you told us how thrilled you were with the cast and I'm certain the red carpet at TIFF will be a bittersweet event with one of your leads missing.
Gia Milani: It is going to be bittersweet.  I wish I had all my leads together. Cory had more range as an actor than people realized, and I am looking forward for an audience to see him in a more grown up role. But I am also excited for people to see Karine Vanasse's outstanding performance as his wife. The entire ensemble was fantastic.

All-the-Wrong-Reasons stars Karine Vanasse & Kevin Zegers credit -Stephanie Weber Biron

SABS: The trailer gives us a great glimpse into the connectivity of your characters and how timing in life... and love is everything. When we watch the ALL THE WRONG REASONS - what do you hope we take away?
Gia Milani: I hope that the audience takes away that when your perceived self-identity is gone you can rebuild a new one and be okay.

SABS: Since we can't be a the world premiere - we'll ask you this in advance "Who are you wearing?" 😉
Gia Milani: I haven't picked anything yet. I know… the premiere is 5 days away and I leave for TIFF in two days. I have not chosen one thing yet. My suitcase is empty. My advice here is: do not buy an old house, that you will be renovating from top to bottom, 7 days before you leave for the premiere of your first feature film! I expect the next two days will be me looking frantically through packing boxes, yelling to my husband "Have you seen my black shoes?!"

SABS for the Record...

ALL THE WRONG REASONS castALL THE WRONG REASONS is set to screen twice during TIFF Sept. 8 & 9 - both shows are SOLD OUT!

At the time of posting no additional showings had been added - click here for further info.

ALL THE WRONG REASONS is also set to screen during the ATLANTIC FILM FESTIVAL  on Friday, September 13, 2013 click here for tickets

Follow Gia Milani on Twitter @giamilani

For more on ALL THE WRONG REASONS visit their faceook page here

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