Posted: September 19, 2013

SEA AND BE SCENE TV once again attended the Atlantic Film Festival – stay tuned for a double dose of film fest fun in episodes 202 & 203.

We loved being there - it's always such a wonderful time and a fantastic opportunity to see great movies and meet the filmmakers.

An incredible highlight was our chat with director Ron Maxwell, whose film COPPERHEAD made its Canadian premiere at the AFF on Sept. 14/13.

COPPERHEAD director Ron Maxwell with SABStv's Stephanie Beaumont

The man who wrote the screenplays for and brilliantly directed both GETTYSBURG and GODS AND GENERALS – returns to the subject of US Civil War, but with a poignantly different perspective.

Based on the novel by Harold Frederic with screenplay by Bill KauffmanCOPPERHEAD tells the story of “the war at home – of a family ripped apart by war, of fathers set against sons and daughters, of a community driven to an appalling act of vengeance against a man who insists on exercising his right to free speech during wartime” (more here)

COPPERHEAD stars Billy Campbell, Peter Fonda  &  Angus Macfadyen

It is a truly moving story and what a thrill to talk to the man who was at the helm of its telling. During this extended conversation with Ron Maxwell we talk about everything from his ideal casting that includes Billy Campbell, Peter Fonda and Angus Macfadyen along with a slew of East Coast Actors, to the perfect setting for COPPERHEAD at historic Kings Landing in Prince William, New Brunswick.

COPPERHEAD director Ron Maxwell in action at KINGS LANDING

We also discuss Maxwell's approach to movie making and uncover some wonderful insight that every new filmmaker should hear.

What a pleasure – we hope you enjoy this time with Mr.Ron Maxwell as much as we did. SABS



It's a must see and you can.... COPPERHEAD is opening tomorrow (September 20, 2013) in select East Coast's the run down...

Halifax, NS - Empire Theatres Bayer’s Lake - click here for tickets

Fredericton, NB - Empire Theatres Fredericton - click here for tickets

Moncton, NB - Empire Theatres Trinity Drive - click here for tickets


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