Posted: August 12, 2013

There's no denying our huge affection for the folks in front of the camera - the cast of HAVEN is beloved around the world. But just as it takes a Village to Keep A Secret... it also takes one to make the magic we've been enjoying for the past three seasons. So as the HAVEN team works through the summer of 2013 with the goal of bringing Season 4 to our screens this fall/winter - we are celebrating the people behind the scenes.  It's our salute to the production team - the HAVEN Crew Who's Who series - continuing now with a woman who has been setting the scene for every kind of trouble since the show began.


clapperboard Darlene Lewis with seasons

film rollWhat exactly does a Senior Set Decorator do?

The Senior Set Decorator works closely with the Production Designer, who on HAVEN is Jennifer Stewart. On HAVEN, each episode we work on has a different Director with different creative ideas.  We work in conjunction with each Director on their episode to create realistic, whimsical or sometimes (this being HAVEN ) just plain crazy sets for the actors to work in while staying true to the heart of the series.

The nuts and bolts of Set Decoration is to supply furniture, lighting, drapery, art and flooring for the sets that Jennifer has designed for each episode. The fun and exciting side of this starts when the bones of a set are in place. It's then that we start to layer in the details and personal items that give each of the actors a space created for them based on their characters. We give them homes to live in, offices to work in, and any number of interesting locations and sets to work and play in that reflect their lives in the series.

Darlene with her co-workers, Alan Deveau (left) and Colin Paul

I have a wonderful team who works with me.  Every day on HAVEN is an adventure for us.

film roll 2


What's the worst 'trouble' you've seen in HAVEN?

I have to say for me the worst 'trouble' on HAVEN was in Season 1, Episode 6.  The episode was called "Fur".  It was a crazy episode where the troubled person was a taxidermist who stuffed her son to keep him alive. Just a bit creepy!  The episode was full of stuffed animals and birds – by the end of the episode a lot of the crew were starting to feel the presence of all those dead things! The final scene had the taxidermist lock herself in a trophy room. All the stuffed creatures came to life and devoured her ... end of trouble. Definitely not a great way to go!!

Haven " Welcome to Haven " EP # 1006 Pictured: Photo by: CHris Reardon/Syfy

What's the best part of working on HAVEN?

The best part of working on HAVEN for me is working with friends. After four seasons it's a bit like some crazy, hands-on summer camp. I work most closely with the Art Department as a whole. Graphics, construction, and scenic. We all know each other pretty well. As a group we're all supportive - working closely to put each episode together. Not just a few laughs along the way!

film rollWhat's your favourite thing to do in Nova Scotia when you're not filming HAVEN?

I have two dogs and when I'm not working my husband Michael and I will head off somewhere with them.


We have a couple of great back roads of Nova Scotia map books.  We've found some beautiful spots and great hiking trails!

Audrey & Nathan (Emily Rose & Lucas Bryant) HAVENAnd finally...

Audrey & Nathan or Audrey & Duke?

Audrey and Nathan for sure!  Duke will always be the one that got away …




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  1. Any chance you could find out where Darlene got Duke's quilt on his bed in season 1? I love it! and, can't find one anywhere.

    Comment by Heather — April 18, 2014 @ 10:35 am

  2. Hey Heather - just got word back on Duke's quilt -
    I'm told it came from Afghanistan, via contacts in New York and Lunenburg, and that only three of them ended up in Nova Scotia. So the chances of finding one to buy currently are pretty slim. Not much help I'm afraid - but there you have it! sb

    Comment by sbeaumont — May 2, 2014 @ 7:10 pm

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