Posted: August 15, 2013

Berlin SinfoniettaWhen we heard that NL born composer Greg Hawco was headed to Berlin to study with The Maestro - we were thrilled for him.

And while we would have loved to have tagged along on this incredible journey - he did deliver the next best thing upon his return.

We know you're always up to something creative Mr.H - be it your awesome work on REPUBLIC OF DOYLE or some other stellar score, so please know we're grateful that you made the time to share your amazing experience with us! SABS


Hey Sea and be Scene -

Recently, I had the privilege and honour of studying with one of the most prominent conducting teachers of our generation, Maestro Kenneth Kiesler.

The conducting masterclass took place in Berlin with the Berlin Sinfonietta... what a trip!  Here are some photos from there and back. GH


Greg Score Study

Greg Rehearse



SABS Note of Noteworthiness

rofd and his turnWe're glad to see Greg back at it for REPUBLIC OF DOYLE - season 5 will premiere in Canada on CBC Wednesday, October 2, 2013 - We can't wait!!!

And as if he wasn't busy enough - just before Greg left for Berlin - he and fellow NL musician Gerry Finn were putting the finishing touches on another TV score - this one for a TV series pilot for Global TV entitled HIS TURN, starring Enrico Colantoni. Here's the link to the pilot for your viewing AND LISTENING pleasure.

While you're hear be sure to check out Greg's Cool People Profile

Check out his music on MySpace:

And follow him on Twitter: @greghawco



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  1. Greg, was this the music you mentioned when you were home for Christmas a few years ago? We were visiting Phyllis, her last Christmas. You mentioned about studying the score and felt comfortable that you could conduct an orchestra . I can't recall , however I think it was Mr. Beethoven's music.

    Congratulations..hard work brings its reward

    Comment by Walter L Bennett — August 17, 2013 @ 10:44 am

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