THE ONCE – 2013 Extended Interview

Posted: July 18th (Phil Churchill's Birthday - Wahooooo!!!!)

THE ONCE extended interviewBack in April of this year - I had the great pleasure of meeting up with 3 of my most favourite folks - Geraldine Hollett, Phil Churchill and Andrew Dale. They are, of course, The Once and while they've been all around the world (a few times) since our first meeting back in the day (video) - it was such a tremendous pleasure to catch up with them while they were home.

They picked the spot - a favourite haunt for them and now one of mine. Linda Hennebury's Inn of Olde is a famous spot in Quidi Vidi Village and a 'must go' place for a pint and a chat and if you're lucky...some of Linda's stories - finest kind. Matter of fact Linda introduces the interview off the top. Sweet!

This interview was shot for a special follow up episode of SEA AND BE SCENE TV - you can click here and see that.  The video you see above is the extended version - unedited (for the most part - except for the odd edit for technical issues) what you see is what we shot... so settle in and see how lovely these three talented people really are. SABS

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SABS Note of Noteworthiness

In the interview Geraldine sites meeting and making a video in Scotland with artist named Passenger as being one of her career highlights so far.

PASSENGER and THE ONCE  The Way That You Need MeYou can click here to see their video "The Way That I Need Me" and as for his video they reference viewing back when they met him, well views of "Let Her Go" have now surpassed 66 million - you can what that by clicking here.

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