SABStv Songwriters Special

Posted: July 8, 2013

Waving the East Coast fun flag one episode at a time – It's Sea and be Scene TV with your host Stephanie Beaumont, broadcast on Bell Aliant's Community One channel.

116 Songwriters Specials on location on PEIWe won't kid you - when it came  to putting together this SONGWRITERS SPECIAL edition of SABStv - we could have done a mini-series.  There are so many talented folks on Canada's East Coast.  We caught up to just a handful - and how lucky we were.

The majority of our shooting was done on Prince Edward Island during the 2013 Festival of Small Halls - so great gratitude to them for the access.  Thanks too to the wonderful folks you see pictures below - Lennie Gallant, Dave Gunning, Damhnait Doyle, Carleton Stone, Jenn GrantMeaghan Blanchard, Alan Doyle and Stuart Cameron.

We hope you'll enjoy watching as much as we had making it. SABS

Ep. 116 Guest Stills

SABStv-TV-Free-Stuff-Ep.-1161 Linda MacKinnon


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