There's no denying our huge affection for the folks in front of the camera - the cast of HAVEN is beloved around the world. But just as it takes a Village to Keep A Secret... it also takes one to make the magic we've been enjoying for the past three seasons. So as the HAVEN team works through the summer of 2013 with the goal of bringing Season 4 to our screens this fall/winter - we are celebrating the people behind the scenes.  It's our salute to the production team - the HAVEN Crew Who's Who series - beginning with this handsome fella right here...

Haven -- Photo by: Michael Tompkins/Syfy

Tim Webber - board

film roll

What exactly does a craft service provider do?

Craft service is responsible for two on-the-go meals, provided to the crew while they are working on set. We also manage an all-day coffee service with hors d' oeuvres.

What's the worst 'trouble' you've seen in HAVEN?

The worst trouble I've seen in HAVEN is when the craft guys come up short on cheese pizza on a Friday night!

What's the best part of working on HAVEN?

Having the freedom to create meals and test recipes on our loyal - not to mention captive - audience.

Tim Webber sailing

What's your favourite thing to do in Nova Scotia when you're not filming HAVEN?

Sailing in beautiful Mahone Bay. I also enjoy foraging for wild edibles in our local forests.

And finally... Audrey & Nathan or Audrey & Duke?

Audrey and Nathan for sure!


Check out Tim Webber's website  www.reelcatering.com

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