Posted: July 22, 2013

There's no denying our huge affection for the folks in front of the camera - the cast of HAVEN is beloved around the world. But just as it takes a Village to Keep A Secret... it also takes one to make the magic we've been enjoying for the past three seasons. So as the HAVEN team works through the summer of 2013 with the goal of bringing Season 4 to our screens this fall/winter - we are celebrating the people behind the scenes.  It's our salute to the production team - the HAVEN Crew Who's Who series - continuing now with a man whose creativity impacts every episode we see...

Terry Quennell

clapperboard TERRY QUENNELL with seasons

film rollWhat exactly does an Art Director Do? 

An Art Director works with the Construction and Scenic Department to execute the plan of attack for each episode, as prepared by the Production Designer and the Director. In addition to doing many of the drawings for new studio sets, an Art Director will act as a project manager to ensure the "builds" come in on time and on budget. I also look after the Greens department, coordinating with our Greensman, Bill Gerhardt, when trees or shrubbery are required.

What's the worst 'trouble' you've seen in HAVEN?

The episode I found most interesting was our Christmas episode from Season 2 "Silent Night". Not only did I find the idea of a dome suddenly appearing over HAVEN to be to be a unique 'trouble,' but in addition we built a beautiful cinema marquee we were very proud of. And, as a bonus, my dog and I were featured in the movie that plays in the cinema (blink and you'll miss us).

Terry Quennell

What's the best part of working on HAVEN?

My greatest satisfaction comes when all the departments within the Art Department come together to create a really good set – each group adding their own layer – be it construction, scenic, film roll 2props or set decoration.  We are here to create worlds for our actors in which to act and when we create something special, I think our actors respond.

Terry Quennell and his dog

What's your favourite thing to do in Nova Scotia when you're not filming HAVEN?

When I'm not working I spend a great deal of time hiking around the South Shore with my dog, Hannah -- if not for her, I wouldn't be getting this incredibly  beneficial workout every day and seeing parts of this province I wouldn't otherwise have discovered on my own.

And finally... Audrey & Nathan or Audrey & Duke?

I like shows that zig when you think they will zag, so I'd like to see the Audrey-Duke connection come about – they are very different people with completely opposite occupations and I think it would be interesting to see that dynamic play out.

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