Posted: July 29, 2013

There's no denying our huge affection for the folks in front of the camera - the cast of HAVEN is beloved around the world. But just as it takes a Village to Keep A Secret... it also takes one to make the magic we've been enjoying for the past three seasons. So as the HAVEN team works through the summer of 2013 with the goal of bringing Season 4 to our screens this fall/winter - we are celebrating the people behind the scenes.  It's our salute to the production team - the HAVEN Crew Who's Who series - continuing now with a woman whose wonderful words are often to blame for those terrific HAVEN troubles....

SHERNOLD EDWARDS Haven -- Photo by: Michael Tompkins/Syfy

clapperboard_clip_SHERNOLD EDWARDS with seasons

film rollWhat exactly does a Story Editor do?

A story editor is part of the writing staff for the show. We all work together to come up with the big ideas for what’s going to happen for the season – like will Nathan grow super-awesome fish gills, or will Duke’s entire handsome-ness turn silver along with his eyes. Sadly, none of that is happening in Season 4, because my co-showrunners and co-workers have better sense than I do, but a writer can dream…

Once we figure out the big ideas, we zero in on coming up with ideas for individual episodes and troubles. Once that’s done, we talk in more detail about what actually happens in the story, and at a certain point some lucky writer gets to go off and write the script for what hopefully turns into a great episode of HAVEN.

What's the worst "trouble" you've seen in HAVEN?

The absolute worst trouble is when you miss out on the Christmas sandwiches (turkey, stuffing and cranberry panini) made by our amazing Craft Service gents Tim and Norman. Those sandwiches come around about as often as the Hunter Meteor Storm, and if you don’t move fast, you’re out of luck and very sad. You can make it up with the best egg salad on wheat in North America. But if you had your mind set on turkey deliciousness, it’s not the same. Wow. That was a lot of sandwich talk.

What's the best part of working on HAVEN?

There are so many great things about working on HAVEN, but the best part is that it feels like a family. The writing staff feels like my Los Angeles family, and the cast and crew feel like my Chester, Nova Scotia family. It’s so funny, I always wanted to visit the east coast when I lived in Ontario, but I had to get a job on the other side of the border to get there.

Haven -- Photo by: Michael Tompkins/Syfy

film roll 2Nova Scotia is so beautiful. I wasn’t born there, but it always feels like home. It’s like shooting a show during a really long family reunion. You keep expecting to get fed up with your peeps, pack your stuff and leave, but you don’t. No one’s leaving until the barbecue is cold and we’ve eaten the last hot dog. There I go again. More food talk.

What's your favourite thing to do in Nova Scotia when you're not filming HAVEN?

I like to hang out at Nicki’s Inn. Bet you can’t guess why. Okay, it’s the delicious menu. Food! Who’s surprised? I also like to sit outside at night and look at the stars above Chester. There are so many. And I like to sleep. Chester is wonderfully quiet. So basically I’m a party animal.

And finally...Audrey & Nathan or Audrey & Duke?

Confidentially, I’ve always been a Duke girl. We’re planning a small intimate ceremony. Audrey who?

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