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Updated: July 5, 2013

Here's a great picture from opening night courtesy of star Marthe Bernard - and it's smiles all around!

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Don't miss your chance to see "Sex, The Rules of" at LSPU's RCA Theatre. For tickets click here


Posted: June 29, 2013

If you're like me and dyin' for a bit of DOYLE - you'll want to check out "Sex, The Rules of" at LSPU's RCA Theatre - as the play features two REPUBLIC OF DOYLE stars - Marthe Bernard and Mark O'Brien.

The pair will share the stage with Aiden Flynn (HOLD FAST) and Ruth Lawrence (HARD LIGHT, CLIPPER GOLD) under the direction of Lois Brown (THE BINGO ROBBERS, "Travel Anywhere").

Mark O'Brien plays Gerard and Marthe Bernard plays Molly in SEX, THE RULES OF

Brown wrote "Sex, The Rules Of" which has been described as...

SEX, the rules of main poster"A comedic examination of family dynamics. Following a dysfunctional set of parents, their son, and his girlfriend, the play veers and shifts within its unconventional structure towards its revealing conclusion. This family is haunted by the death of a daughter. The mother has stuck by her husband despite his affairs, and lives with her resentment. Everyone is looking for love or sex – or an answer to their desperate need for approval."

Great news that the play has been slated for publication next year and cool too is the fact that it originally staged as a big hit with this exact same cast nearly 6 years ago.

RCA tweet Sex, The Rules of Cast et al

It's been both reunion and rediscovery as Mark O'Brien explains "It felt a little odd at first, but we quickly settled into the groove. It's always interesting reprising a character. It's a bit of an odd thing to do, because you've always grown a little since the last time you played it."

Mark O'Brien NLThe timing of this production falls conveniently into the production hiatus for REPUBLIC OF DOYLE now shooting it's 5th season, but Mark tells us working on this through his break was an easy decision "I was excited to work with Lois Brown and this cast again. They're an incredibly talented group and I think the script is unique and funny. I'm very happy to part of it."

Star Ruth Lawrence returns to this production after a variety of theatre and film projects - the Ruth Lawrence NLinterim also saw here taking home the NL’s Artist of the Year in 2011. Like the rest of the returning cast she's thrilled to once again share the play with audiences "I'm so delighted that RCA Theatre has picked the show up for presentation - it's a real vote of confidence from the city's largest and most respected theatre company."

"Sex, The Rules of" runs at The LSPU Hall in St.John's, NL from July 4 - 7
For tickets and further info click here


SABS Note of Noteworthiness

Hold Fast PosterWhile Aiden Flynn manages the Newfoundland & Labrador touring theatre circuit through the Arts and Culture Centres and is part of this production of "Sex, The Rules Of" - you can see him on the big screen later this year in HOLD FAST starring opposite Molly Parker.

For more on that movie shot in NL click here.


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  1. Just wondering if this show "Sex,the rules of "
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    Please say yes.


    Comment by Sheri Clarke — October 24, 2013 @ 1:53 am

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