Ready for Action On Season 4 of HAVEN

Posted: May 7, 2013

I love getting mail...

Christmas cards, birthday greetings, postcards from pals - all of them are delightful to receive, but there's nothing sweeter than the first 'Filming Notice' of the season from the HAVEN Productions Team. Check that out....

With the Sea and be Scene world wide headquarters based in Chester, Nova Scotia – we can expect to get these babies all season long.

Having already taken back there respective spots for the Production Office on Duke Street and for the Studio set up at the Eleanor Pew Morris Memorial Recreation Complex located on Pig Loop Road... we've watched the regular cast of local residents slowly grow to include our HAVEN family.

As previously reported and confirmed in the 'just received' notice – filming for Season 4 will begin on Nova Scotia's South Shore tomorrow - May 8, 2013.

They are set to combine the shooting of episodes #401 “Fallout” & #402 “Survivors" which means a great number of locations will be used throughout Lunenburg, Hubbards, North West Cove, Halifax and right here in Chester within the next couple of weeks.

Thanks to Twitter we can confirm Executive Producer Shawn Piller @ShawnPiller will direct both of these first two installments of the season, and having been on set for his directing of the explosive Season 3 finale... I can tell you there's nobody better to pick up where we left off.

True.... we're not entirely sure where that where will be or what has become of Audrey who went into the barn, or Duke who went in there after her - but we can confirm stars Emily Rose and Eric Balfour are looking forward to spending the season in Nova Scotia, so you can be certain they'll be back in some state for Season 4.  And if the last frame of Ep. 313 is any indication you can be sure our lone standing citizen Nathan Wuornos aka Lucas Bryant will have his work cut out for him.

HAVEN final shot season 3

We'll have lots more throughout this fourth season of production so stay tuned and be sure to follow us on twitter @SeaAndBeScene for scoop as it happens.

And on this a very Happy HAVEN Eve... we say let the troubles begin - let the fun ensue... and BRING ON SEASON 4!!! SABS

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