Mother’s Day Salutes & Tributes

It's time once again to celebrate Moms.

Some Mother's brought us into this world - others brought us into their houses and made us feel like we were home. Some live in the same city (even the same house), others across the country - some are gracefully keeping a watchful eye on us from above.

Wherever your Mom is today it's a great day to give gratitude and credit where credit is without further are just a few...

"Literally as far back as I can possibly remember, my mother has put me, my brother and our family before herself. It all started when my brother and I were very young and she decided our stability and needs were top priority and left her full-time job to manage my father and his singing career from home to be closer to us. In making this step my mother began to juggle work, play, discipline, household chores and milestone moments flawlessly while always making sure my brother and I knew we were loved unconditionally. As we got older, she began to take on more and more projects and jobs just to ensure that we were able to participate in whatever we wanted, ballet, hockey, piano lessons, guitar lessons, cheerleading, horseback riding, you name it. She never refused any wishes and decided only to work harder to make each and every request we had to grow as individuals a reality. What's amazing about this, is that she STILL somehow made it look effortless, and was still there every night at the kitchen table helping with homework, cleaning up after our mess and driving us to school every morning since we just couldn't seem to make the bus! Even with a demanding schedule, she never missed any event, competition, prom or graduation - regardless of what her career demanded. As a kid I never realized the sacrifices, the selflessness and the sheer endurance this must have taken. Now however, I do. With more self awareness in our young adult years, my brother and I have begun to notice the absolutely unbelievable superhero our mother was, is and is sure to continue to be. I could ramble on forever listing her awards, accomplishments and businesses, (as she has become extremely successful in anything she does) but instead I would like to talk about her most perfected role... being a mommy.

Andree Gracie with Samantha & NashFrom lullabyes, to hugs, to tears wiped away I can confidently say Nash and I would be lesser people if it weren't for the love and patience of our mother. I can still remember crying over a project I just couldn't finish and her words comforting me "Mommy is gonna fix this," these same words have blanketed my life and my brothers during our lowest points; heartbreak, loss, and confusion, we made it through because of her strength, compassion, open mind and open heart. Never judgmental, she has enabled us to become secure individuals who are unafraid to express ourselves and form our own thoughts. She is standing next to us proudly in our successes and holding us close whenever we've fallen. Her ability to do it all has been our inspiration to face each day with a smile and hope to do good in the world.

With tears of appreciation in my eyes, I would like to say; my mother has always told me to follow my dreams and be the person I truly want to be, and so I take this opportunity to say that I dream of one day, being just like my mother. So here's to my best friend in the world, my mommy. We love you very much, your babies forever, Samantha and Nash"

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"It was the middle of the winter and I was about 4-5 and Mom went outside in nothing but a night gown to put out the garbage. You gotta remember that this was Labrador, so it was probably -40 or -50 c. I decided to lock her out, though I can't think what my reasoning was at the time. I'm sure it was sound. She banged on the door and threatened and yelled, but her pleas weren't convincing enough for THIS discerning lad. I wasn't mad at her or anything...I just remember being curious with her reaction, like it was a sociological experiment. I don't know how she got me to open the door, but (as far as i know) she hasn't lost any toes to frostbite.  So she must've went next door and called the Town Security or something.

I also remember the dreaded belt hanging over the door, the perpetual threat used to keep us in line.  Though I don't remember this, apparently it was Mom's intention to use this on me ONCE (in my whole childhood).  She ordered me to take down my pants. I did. she ordered me to take down my underwear. I did. She ordered me to lie across her lap, ass up. I did all this, apparently with a big smile on my face. She was laughing so hard, she couldn't go through with it. So I used it on her. No I didn't.

There were many times I tried Mom's fortitude, like telling her visiting friend, "Next time you come, leave your bawling babies home!" Or "borrowing" our family's van at the age of 14 for a number of great joyrides. But nothing I did made her love me any less. Even though I'm sure I deserved it in moments. I could always count on her being there and still can. Love you, Mudder!" Shawn

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"My mom has always amazed me. She started her own business, Village Pottery, when she was only 23 years old after graduating from NSCAD. She managed to raise 3 children (with the help from my amazing dad of course) while running a successful craft shop. In 1998, my mom faced cancer head on and managed to beat it.

Suzanne Scott with her Mom Daphne LargeNow almost 40 years later, she is still producing pottery every day and together we run Village Pottery in New London, PEI. This past year we were awarded the Tourism Atlantic Technology Award from the Tourism Industry of PEI. It was a real honor to accept this award with my mom by my side. She's a constant source of inspiration for me.

Love you, Mom!" Suzanne Scott


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“I’m really happy that Janice Landry is my mother.

She loves doing stuff that other moms don’t like to do - like go swimming, play outside, do crafts and I have a pet hamster and my mom doesn’t scream at the fact it’s in her house!

She gives me privileges that other moms wouldn’t to their kids.

I am very happy that she’s my mom and I will always love her." Laura

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"My mom had us kids when she was very young. Times were tough and money was very tight, but we never really knew that. My memories of childhood are full of abundance; abundance of love, learning, adventure and protection. We always knew mom had our backs, and that has never changed.

She had dreams of traveling and obtaining higher education but she put that on hold to give us the attention and stability we needed. She worked as a server in the evenings, saving up her tip money to pay for our school trips, new clothes and musical instruments.

Once we got older and began to move out and start our own lives, mom started a new chapter in her life too. She went to university to study social work part-time, driving 3 hours each way to the nearest school. After graduation she was eager to start traveling. To our surprise she applied for a one-year contract as a family councilor in Whakatane, New Zealand! She was accepted for the position and had only a little over a month to prepare for the move from our home in Ontario. After her time in New Zealand she decided she wanted to live in Nova Scotia – so she got a job in Halifax and made it happen. Now two years later, she’s living in Newfoundland and taking her Masters at Memorial University. She’s fallen in love with Atlantic Canada.

She has been working with troubled youth for years now and I have seen the way she has changed so many lives, both at work and at home. It’s hard not to be encouraged by her passion for social justice. I could talk about her personal and professional accomplishments at length, but she’s not one to brag. She’d rather just go out for a pint with you and get lost in some great conversation. I would urge you to take her up on that offer. Cheers, mom. I couldn't have asked for a better parent, or friend." Seth Graham

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"I was only a kid the first time I realized that Glenda Janes, my Mother, was something special.

We lived in a community of town houses and the house connected to ours caught fire. She ran back into the house to get the money she had been savings, ensuring that if something happened to the house, we would have money for food and shelter. I was in complete awe.

Since then my Mother has given me a million reasons to call her a hero. When I had a hard time with the kids in school, she was there to listen. When our family was thrown into turmoil, she kept us grounded. When money was short, she found a way. Her hard work let my friends and I graduate from our high school when the school boards were threatening to close it. She has cried with me in my darkest hours and pushed me to be stronger than I could have been on my own. She has sacrificed, fought and triumphed for her family time after time.

My Mother has been through a lot, but still carries herself proudly, with a laugh and smile for every stranger she meets. She welcomes my friends into her home as if they were her own children. She makes time for my sister and I, no matter what the hour. She has always known when I was in trouble, even when we were miles apart. She has strength in her that could topple mountains, a love that could part oceans and a Mother's intuition that I can't comprehend. She has created a safe home for my sister and me in a troubled world. She bakes cookies for coworkers, challenges the status quo and stands up for what is right. I could talk about her for days and still never sum her up in a way that truly describes how amazing she is. I am so very proud of her. She is everything I could have hoped for in a Mother. Everything I know, I learned from her. She is my best friend, my confidante, my role model and my hero." Catherine Rector

This is my Mom and me on a beach at home in Newfoundland. She lives in Ottawa now, and I live in Nova Scotia, but we talk all the time. She's always there to listen, and share advice and is the best friend a girl could ask for. My favourite part is when we get together, and get the uncontrollable giggles! We are spending Mother's Day together this year for the first time in 5 years!  Kayla Hounsell

 Donna Saker & her Mom"Don't sweat the small stuff"  Words from my wise beautiful Mother. She has taught me that in the end, most things really are not a big deal! Then after I have worried and wasted my time, I usually get a very giggly "I told you so". My Mom is a true Nova Scotian. If you met her you would remember her, because everything feels better when you have been around her. I love you Mom, Happy Mothers Day!   Donna Saker

chris cummings & his momMy Mom is very special because she takes care of everyone and always goes out of her way to help other people.

PS - contrary to what this picture looks like, I am not 7 feet tall, my Mom is only 4,9'

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Chris Cummings




My mother, Inge Callow, was an immigrant from East Germany after the Second World War. Because her schooling was interrupted by the war, she never finished high school, yet she was one of the most well-read people I knew. She was also a fabulous cook, able to pull together delicious meals after working all day as a medical secretary.

One of her most important pieces of advice to me was: "Always trust your nose." This was in reference to cooking, where she had learned that recipes were not reliable. But I have found over the years that this advice applies to many parts of my life, because, in essence, it means "trust yourself". I remember as a child that she would often speculate about what I would be when I grew up: veterinarian, writer, talk show host, doctor. Eventually, she would tell me I could be anything -- and she believed it. She died while I was in my first year of law school, but it was this belief -- that had imprinted itself at a young age in my psyche -- that gave me confidence to pursue the unpredictable journey of becoming an author. When I had finally achieved that life-long dream, I dedicated my first book to her. But really, in my heart, I dedicate all my accomplishments to her. Every time I cook a meal my family enjoys, I think of how she taught me to appreciate good, nutritious food. Every time one of my children tells me she loves me, I think of how my mother's uncritical love showed me the way.

This is a very old photo but it's one that speaks to my heart. Thank you, mum. I miss you. Pamela Callow

Mama (Wanda) and Tara OramMy Mama is so special to me in so many ways.  She's never pushed me to do anything (career wise & as a person) & always allowed me to make mistakes and learn on my own.

She's taught me so many important things that help me through life as an adult (cooking, cleaning, managing my crazy career, putting family first) and the most important thing she's  taught me was to always be myself.  As cliche as that sounds, it really makes people love you for You & that's the best feeling.

The best advice she ever gave me was "always wash your whites with hot water and bleach Tara".  I never did listen but, I always know she is 100% right about that.  My whites always turn out with a hint of the other colours that I mixed in the pile, all while being washed in cold water 😉

Happy Mother's Day Mom!  (aka Mudder)

Tara Oram

Mum and Neville in EnglandMum always told me..." Be happy, Neville. That's all I want for you in life is for you to be happy." And I am.

Thank you, Mum, for all you have and continue to do for me.

I love you, dear.

Neville MacKay

Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you so much for teaching me there is no such thing as failure, just moments to dust our selves off and try again!

You're the BEST!!!


Tami Lynn Ross

I just wanted to let you know a bit about my mom.

keith mullins & mom & brothersAn ECMAMA award winner, I'm not sure if there's been an ECMA in the past ten years without her.  She is a huge supporter of local music and has supported me and my career since day one.

Starting off taking bands in, feeding them her legendary breakfasts, she now is into booking me gigs, send-outs to radio stations, votes, requests, you name it.

I don't know what I'd do without her far beyond the musical support I get from her.  She is the most positive person I'll ever know.  I'm sure this has got to be one of her proudest pictures, her three boys.

Keith Mullins

Andrew Dale & His MomHere's a picture of me and mudder...

loves her to bits!

She's my number one fan 😉

Happy Mothers Day!

Andrew Dale

I wrote this poem about 15 years ago, and thought I’d share it as it’s describes how amazing of a Mom we have!  She is truly an earth angel and the most loving and compassionate person that I’ve ever known.  We’ve been truly blessed and we love her so much!!

We love you Mom, thanks for being YOU!! Xoxo Maria & Lauretta

A Mom Like You!

You are my special friend

An angel to the end

You are always there when we need you

On that we can depend

You give your love unselfishly

Thinking of others first

Always a shoulder to cry on

To wipe away our tears

Mom & Lauretta & MariaTaking our hands

And leading the way

Your love is so special and kind

You always know how to make our day

One thing that I’m sure of

And I know this to be true

The world would be a better place

If everyone had a Mom like you!!

By Maria Ryan

Rik Reese & his MomMy Mother is special because she's the strongest woman I know.

She became a widow at a very young age and she kept everything going for my brother and I!  She's a tough girl! 🙂

The best advice she ever gave me was to "Keep your hands clean and never look to fight"...which became the third line in my song 'Mama Raised a Good Boy'  Rik Reese

Kathleen Morash Hamm and mom"What makes my mom so special is her devotion, whether it be to her faith, family or friends"

Love you Mom - Happy Mother's Day!


I feel so very blessed in my life..... good things happen to good people and I am a good person because I was brought up by a wonderful woman....Joan MacNeil.

My Mom is always the first phone call for any news, she is more a friend than a parent as I near the big 3-0.... I am getting married next month and my mother has taken over all the planning and all the details, knowing that I am unable to do these things from across the country.  I love her for being a friend to me and my siblings, a parent when we need advice and a saint for putting up with me through my awful teenage years.  My Mother is " Nana" to her grandchildren and her house is " the most fun place in the world."

Joan MacNeil love Jo-lene BurtonI thought this photo best described my mother with her grandchildren that we are so blessed to have.... Natalie who has been a sister to us for many many years would agree that we are all very lucky to have her in our lives, not only for ourselves but our children and our families we plan to have in our future...

In the photo Ava and Will always " help" Nana for all important family meals and get-togethers.... I love you Mom!!
Jo-lene Burton

my mama and me - Anne Marie CluneThis is a photo of my 77 year old mother and me taken on the way to a wedding last year.

My mother has the spirit and character that I only wish I had. She has raised 6 children and is the grandmother to 13. She is a retired RN and to this day can still care for anyone with the bedside manner of Mother Theresa.

She is my best friend.  She is smart and kind and caring. But above all she is a trouble maker and always looking for an adventure and a way to have fun.

We do everything together and I spend alot of my time making sure she stays out of trouble.  My how the tables have turned. But her kind of trouble is innocent fun and I would have it no other way.

My mama, Mary Fraumeni, the little Irish Leprachaun who is my lucky charm.  Anne Marie Fraumeni-Clune

Bill Hart & His MomMamma's boy, and proud of it!

Mary Ellen Hart raised my two sisters and me single handedly and has wholeheartedly accepted the fact that her only son has the maturity level of a 10 year old!

There's no doubt who rules the family as she once warned me, '"You may be 6'5, but I can still stand on a chair!" Happy Mother's Day Mom.  Bill Hart

Melinda Boland & MomHere is a picture of    (l-r) me, my mom, and my sister-in-law Nicole and the baby is her daughter Emily -  funny enough it was taken on father's day LOL

My Mom (Carmel Boland) is the best mother because she made me who I am...just like her in looks, personality, and heart...she is  my best friend and the most important person to me in the whole wide world...and I love her very much.

My sister in law is awesome because she is a wonderful mom to my little niece, she calls us and keeps us updated on all of Emily's day to day events and new discoveries... Melinda Boland

Barbara BovairdFour Generations of Mothers - and a tribute to them all! xox

That is me in the diaper 🙂       My Mom, Rhetta Bovaird, my father's mother, Vera Sherwood Bovaird and my Great-Grandmother, Hulda Debow Sherwood.  Strong and courageous women all, Hulda was widowed at a young age with 11 children, Vera raised 5 children with her husband serving during WWII and my mom Rhetta raised 3 girls and a niece who is the daughter of a sister Mom loss to cancer. I have one daughter Julia, 9yr.

So we're all moms in this photo! Barbara Lynden Bovaird

This is my mom Naida. She is my role model. She is so strong. No matter what comes her way she faces it head on. We laugh together, support each other and sometimes cry together. She is the best and I love her so. xo Linda

Kailee Sonja - Mothers Day SaluteMy Mom is the best because she is my best buddy.

We always do things together. She is so much fun.

I am a lucky girl to have such a awesome mommy

"I love you mommy" Happy Mother's Day.

Love Kailee xxoo

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We'll look forward to hearing from you and to sharing the stories of your Amazing MOMS with the world! SABS

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