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Now casting! Are you about to get engaged? Married?

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How will you navigate bringing your families together?

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(Halifax, NS) May 21, 2013 - For interfaith, cross-cultural and multi-ethnic couples in love, wedding planning requires compromise with virtually every decision:  How will the ceremony honour our family traditions? Where will it be held? Will God be mentioned — and if so, whose?  And will there be any objections or challenges from the extended families?

Such are the questions tackled by a new Canadian reality series, which looks at the trials and tribulations, the highs, the lows, the creative concessions around sensitive issues, and, of course, the romance of couples with undeniable differences – cultural, ethnic or socio-economic backgrounds – who plan to marry. The series, currently in development by Anaïd Productions, highlights a growing social trend in Canada: mixed-union marriages.

Mandy Quon, a 29 year-old Chinese born Canadian, and Ajit Nakhwa, a 33 year-old Hindu East Indian, are among Canada’s growing number of multicultural couples.

The Edmonton lovebirds, who will tie the knot in August, knew right away that it would be a challenge to plan a spiritually and culturally balanced wedding.

Our families are very different in just about every way. Wedding traditions, religious practices, beliefs about family involvement, how they spend and save money.” said Quon.  “At the end of the day, we know both cultures value family…and food! As long as there's enough to eat, cocktails are flowing, the music is good and my mom doesn't accidently eat anything spicy, it will be a wonderful and memorable celebration.”

Data from Statistics Canada suggests that the number of romantic pairings between individuals of different ethnic backgrounds is expected to rise exponentially over the coming years. In less than two decades, over 70 percent of Canadians living in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver will be from a visible minority or racialized group.

“Two cultures, one party, equals tons of creative opportunities for the wedding! Everything from the colour choices, location, ceremonies and vows – couples can incorporate cherished cultural traditions and, at the same time, include their own unique preferences,” says Jennifer Bergman, a wedding planner who has observed an increase in the number of fusion weddings over the last few years.

Anaïd Productions is currently looking for dynamic, fun and interesting couples who are madly in love and want to share their inspiring stories on television.

“We are exploring the unique stories and perspectives of couples as they face unexpected and sometimes hilarious challenges throughout their wedding preparations and their big day,” says Executive Producer Margaret Mardirossian.

Interested couples are invited to send a photo and short bio to [email protected] by Friday, May 31st.

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Anaïd Productions (The LiquidatorHail MaryThe Quon DynastyX-Weighted) is an award-winning film and television production company with offices in Edmonton and Vancouver. Established in 1993, Anaïd has a reputation for consistently producing dynamic, and internationally recognized real-life and dramatic television series. Anaïd is committed to creating diverse programming with high production values and compelling content, often irreverent and always entertaining.

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