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Posted: April 5, 2013

It’s Friday and we're topping off another great week with an extra-special edition of our fun feature that takes the #FF one 'F' further...and shakes up Twitter's popular acronym with a SABS twist.

The Sea and be Scene #FFF is your weekly chance to discover the four favourites of your favourite East Coast folks. The four questions will always stay the same... only the folks will change and this week…

Georgina Reilly on Republic of Doyle, The LA Complex and Murdoch MysteriesWe're featuring a shining star and a kindred spirit to be sure. This British born actress hangs her fabulous hat in Toronto, ON but fell in love with Newfoundland & Labrador about the same time she fell in love with one of its most famous fellas (more on that in a bit).

This lady first popped up on our radar when she guest starred as a love-crazed receptionist on REPUBLIC OF DOYLE back in Season 2.  Since then she has gone on to many roles on the big screen and small including the sarcastic stand up comedian in show-biz based series The L.A. COMPLEX and a feisty pathologist in the very popular Victorian era crime drama MURDOCH MYSTERIES... which by the way was just renewed for a 7th season!!!

Watch for her next in the Bravo Fact TV Short BODY SLAM about wrestling in the 80s with Bret Hart and Daniel Kash.

Georgina Reillly with Brett Hart BODY SLAM and Mark O'Brien BETTER PEOPLE

She'll be in theatres next with the comedy feature film STAG and at a festival near you including Boston's famed Independent Film Festival later this month in the award winning short BETTER PEOPLE written, director and co-starring her real life love - husband Mark O'Brien....

Georgina Reilly with husband actor Mark O'Brien LOVE THE APRONS!!!Which brings us back to her love of Newfoundland & Labrador.

You never know where you'll see her on the streets of St.John's – but she gave us some clues in her great Cool People Profile. So be on the look out now that REPUBLIC OF DOYLE has been renewed for a 5th season.

She is talented and lovely and oh so gracious. We are grateful that Georgina Reilly has once again shared some favourites with us.

Many thanks Mrs. O'Brien – you truly are the very knees of the bee. SABS

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While you're here check out Georgina Reilly Really Busy and Loving It (video) Georgina & fiancé Mark O'Brien A Love Story (vide0) and Georgina's Cool People Profile too!!! Plus our feature on BETTER PEOPLE and catch Georgina's cameo in our on-set interview with REPUBLIC OF DOYLE's Mark O'Brien

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