Brian Downey – No Place Like Home in Newfoundland & Labrador

Occupation: Actor / Writer

Place of Birth: St. John’s, NL

Currently Resides: Halifax, NS

Where’s your favourite place in Newfoundland & Labrador to grab a coffee?

There’s a great little café in Rocky Harbour, up the west coast of Newfoundland, called Java Jack’s. They serve great coffee, they grow their own greens, and herbs, and the service is friendly, without being pushy.

Where’s your favourite place in Newfoundland & Labrador to grab a pint?

Any one of the dozens of pubs in downtown St. John’s…. Fat Cat Blues Bar is a fun one, for example.

Where’s your favourite place to shop in Newfoundland & Labrador?

There’s a great little shop, east on Water Street in St. John’s, called The Travel Bug. For me it is the one ‘must-go-there’ shop when I visit home.

What's the one meal you miss the most when you're away?

Nothing can beat the taste of cod, fresh out of the water, pan fried, with scrunchions and some mashed Irish Cobblers on the side. Check the Dictionary of Newfoundland English for “scrunchions”.

Where in Newfoundland & Labrador would we stand to see your favourite view?

Newfoundland abounds with amazing vistas - so just stop and look around once in a while – but for me, whenever I’ve been away for any length of time, standing on the deck of the ferry to Port aux Basques at sunrise, as the rugged south coast comes slowly into view, is breathtaking.

L’anse aux Meadows. A UNESCO World Heritage siteName 3 things we’ve gotta do when we visit Newfoundland & Labrador:

1. Visit L’anse aux Meadows. A UNESCO World Heritage site, where Europeans lived 500 years before Columbus even set sail.

2. Stand by the light house at Cape Spear, and watch the sun rise before anyone else in North America.

3. Take any of the many excursion trips out onto the sea, and witness what early explorers saw when they first arrived, and what fishermen have seen for more than the past five centuries, and indigenous peoples saw for millennia.

What makes Newfoundland & Labrador such a special place on earth for you?

Newfoundlanders are, in my humble opinion, definitely a true ‘distinct society’ in Canada. Our music, oral traditions, and our connection with sea, land and sky is virtually genetic. The geology of the island itself is unique, being composed of Appalachia, the British Isles, and North Africa. Isolation, self-reliance, and survival with humour intact has bred a strong, and understanding people…go meet them.

SABS Note of Noteworthiness

Brian Downey's award winning film THE DISAPPEARED - filmed off the coast of Lunenburg, NS - hits theatres in Atlantic Canada Friday, April 19th. Click here for  more details and a look at the trailer.

Brian Downey as Gerald in THE DISAPPEARED in Theatres April 19, 2013

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