Posted: April 20, 2012

Well who can believe it??!

We've come to the end of another stellar season of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE and as if the fine makers of our favourite show could read our minds and answer our prayers they're doubling up on all that Doyle goodness with 2 hours of awesome.

Republic of Doyle stars Allan Hawco & Krystin Pellerin,Guest stars Gordon Pinsent, Paul Gross & Joel Thomas HynesPacked with guest stars like Gordon Pinsent, Paul Gross and Joel Thomas Hynes - the show is sure to please and then some...but let's be clear this is it ...for a while at least.

Bittersweet for sure with the sweetness coming in the form of Season 5 - but that'll be a while in coming. So in an effort to get the most we can out of what we've got left.. we've gone to the man himself - co-creator, executive producer, head writer, show runner and star Allan Hawco.

Since this our 1st ever edition of "The LAST WORD" we'll tell you the rules are as follows - each question must be answered using only 1 word. Here's how that went when we questioned Mr. Hawco on the Season 4 finale of his hit show...

DES played by Mark O'BrienSABS: How would you best describe the 2 part finale?
ALLAN HAWCO: .....explosive

SABS: How many times would you estimate poor young Des get's clocked?
*(SABS note - we account for number answers as one word BUT in this case we're hoping he's over estimated - bless Des' heart)

SABS: Which word best describes Jake's 'ride' at the end of Season 4 - worse, same, better

JAKE played by Allan Hawco with the 'new' GTO

SABS: Hard to recall an animal throughout the 4 seasons thus far.... but was wondering can we expect critters of any kind in Eps. 412 & 413

SABS: All told - how many days were spent filming these 2 episodes?

SABS: At any point are subtitles used?

SABS: Is there any one food you remember consuming and really enjoying during the making of these episodes?
ALLAN HAWCO: fish-burger*
*(SABS note - it's Allan Hawco...we'll allow the hyphen)

Allan Hawco and Krystin Pellerin Ep. 411 THE DEVIL INSIDE

SABS: On behalf of the hopeless romantics... we are lookin' for the love...during the 2 hour show - how many times does Jake kiss Lesley?
*(SABS note - whoohoo!!! we love that there's love...and yet we're hoping he's under estimated)

SABS: Would you say - if pressed - that the show includes one or more 'cliff hangerish' aspects?
ALLAN HAWCO: hell-yes*
*(SABS note - it's the Season Finale - we'll REALLY allow the hyphen)

SABS: Which character is in the last frame of the season?
ALLAN HAWCO: Newfoundland

signal hill st.john's, nl

Watch the special season finale, featuring back-to-back episodes of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE, Sunday April 21 at a special time, 8 p.m. (8:30 NT). For more on that click here.

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  1. I love watching ROD back home on the rocks of nfld ....

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