SHAWN DOYLE 1 Week Brings 2 BIG Awards

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The headline says it all!!!

It's been quite a week for the Labrador native... to score 2 Best Actor Awards inside of a week is pretty stellar stuff.

Shawn Doyle in John A. Birth of a CountryIn ceremonies held earlier tonight Shawn Doyle received the Canadian Screen Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series for his role in John A: Birth of a Country CBC (CBC).

You can find out for yourself just why he was awarded the trophy - click here to watch his winning performance.

Shawn is currently in LA continuing his guest starring role on the CBS series VEGAS - so he was unable to attend, but after having chatted with him about playing John A. (watch that interview here) - I'm certain he's beyond happy...and so he should be.

Congratulations - once again Mr. Doyle! We're some proud of ya! SABS


Updated: February 23, 2013

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Shawn Doyle - on winning the 2013 ACTRA award for his performance in THE DISAPPEARED.... rightly so!!!

Shawn Doyle Tweeted pic following his 2013 ACTRA WIN for best performance in THE DISAPPEARED

Posted: February 22, 2013

It’s Friday and we're wrapping up wonderful week of celebrating Atlantic Canada with a stellar edition of the #FFF (Friday Favourite Four).

The Sea and be Scene #FFF is your weekly chance to discover the four favourites of your favourite East Coast folks. The four questions will always stay the same...only the folks will change and this week...

We're turning our attention to one of Canada's finest actors. Born in Labrador City, NL - he has spent the last 17 plus years developing his craft and building a resume that includes everything from award winning independent films like GROWN UP MOVIE STAR, to big studio studio releases like FREQUENCY and WHITE OUT.


You'll see him in theatres next with THE RETURNED and HUNTING SEASON - both due out later this year.

His roles on on the small screen are incredibly impressive too. From co-starring on HBO's huge hit BIG LOVE, to guest starring roles on everything from DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES to LOST to REPUBLIC OF DOYLE, to his starring role as Arkady Balagan in the series ENDGAME - on and on the list goes and throughout it all - continually showing his phenomenal range.


Right now you can catch the man acting along side Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis in a multiple episode run as a slick FBI agent in the CBS series VEGAS.

Shawn Doyle on VEGAS

His brilliant portrayal of Sir John A. MacDonald in the made for TV movie JOHN A.: Birth of a Country has garnered him rave reviews and a Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role nomination at this year's CANADIAN SCREEN AWARDS. You can watch that movie on line here.

SHAWN DOYLE - JOHN A: Birth of a Country

And while we're on the subject of awards - this already ACTRA winning actor is up for another this weekend (02/23/13). He's been nominated for his moving performance as Pete in Shandi Mitchell's THE DISAPPEARED and deservedly so!

He is, on top of all that talent - funny, self-effacing and some handsome ta boot! Our spotlight is on the amazing.... Mr. Shawn Doyle.  Thanks for sharing Shawn - you're right sweet!!!

.Shawn Doyle #FFF FAVOURITE book




For more with Shawn Doyle check out our feature interviews SHAWN DOYLE Pre-Premiere Chat (video) and Shawn Doyle on 'The Disappeared Et. Al (video) his INsights IN 10 (video) and his Cool People Profile, plus "John A. & Beyond Busy" and "On the 'Set' of The Disappeared"

And be sure to follow him on Twitter @ShawnDoyle

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