The Sights & Sounds of CES 2013

Posted: January 28, 2012

Once again, Sea and be Scene’s (SABS’s) contributing writer/videographer and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) captures the goings on from the 2013 International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, Nevada earlier this month.

As a PR professional by day, John Swinimer NL has a fondness for consumer electronics having attended CES since 2005.

What follows is a brief peak at the annual trade show that features new and exciting electronics for consumers in 2013. SABS


SABS’s CTO @ CES 2013

by John Swinimer

2013 CES still including President Bill Clinton & Maroon 5 courtesy of International Consumer Electronics ShowThe 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show took place earlier this month in the great state of Nevada… in the city of Las Vegas to be exact.

More than 150,000 attendees visited more than 3,250 exhibitors from more than 170 countries to see almost 20,000 new products in convention space that covered more than 1.92 million net square feet.  Now that’s a lot of cool things to check out for 2013.

From spectacular cars to singing toothbrushes to the newest tablets to smart phones to huge TVs, there really was too much to see and so little time to view it all. Analysts, journalists, sales professionals, marketing experts, and VIPs of all sorts flocked to the annual gathering for research, meetings and a little bit of fun too.

Amidst all the hoopla of the show, attendees took in cavalcade of celebrities including former US President Bill Clinton, hit-makers Maroon 5 and PROJECT RUNWAY designer Anthony Ryan Auld.

This year’s CES was another achievement in spectacular visions and promises of insightful consumer electronics for 2013. Attendees now anxiously await the day when the plethora of products arrive in stores later this year. JS


For more information the show - visit the CES show website

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