BRUCE GUTHRO “Bound for Bethlehem”

Posted: December 21, 2012

A very Merry Christmas indeed for us Bruce Guthro fans - with the release of his holiday album "Bound for Bethlehem" we get the perfect blend of traditional tunes and incredible original songs all sung with that unmistakably beautiful voice.

Co-produced by Dave Gunning at his Pictou County studio Wee House of Music this CD is a true 'must-have'.

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You can look for Bruce to be performing some of the tracks when he takes to the stage for the big New Year's Eve Concert at Grand Parade, in Downtown Halifax.

The show is a FREE outdoor concert so get there if you can - but if you're unable, you can tune in to CTV Atlantic as it will be televised from 9:30pm - 12:30am. Now that's a Happy New Year!!!

Always busy - be it on solo projects or with his European based band Runrig - the mega award winning Sydney Mines, Cape Breton native will be home here in Nova Scotia for Christmas.  So with a smidge of downtime we grabbed him to get the scoop on this wonderful new CD.  What follows is our Q & A, as they say, with Mr. Bruce Guthro

SABS: First let me say "Bound for Bethlehem" is amazing and I think I speak for all your fans when I say - "THANK YOU and what took you so long?"

Bruce Guthro: Not really sure why it took so long.... I guess I just needed to settle into a sound and it took 25 years to do that hahaha... Once the decision was made it was it was swift and a very enjoyable process.

SABS: I LOVE CHRISTMAS and I'd imagine coming up with that final list of 12 tunes was no easy task...what was that process like for you?

Bruce Guthro: It's always a bit of a balancing act when building a concept and selecting songs for a record. I wanted songs that spoke more to the spiritual side of Christmas as that is important to me. I wanted to write a few new songs for it as well (not an easy job for a Christmas CD) ... so I just dove in and pulled together the songs I thought would work, ones I believed would help create the musical landscape I was looking for. A lot of the songs would be ones I sang growing up, that most people would have heard before. I like familiarity in a Christmas record, I like to sing along, I think most people do... and I wanted it to be joyous and happy sounding.

SABS: Your voice is, as always, so incredible and it doesn't hurt when you're joined in studio with the stellar group of fellas you assembled at the Wee House of Music.

Bruce Guthro: Well, first of all, thank you.... and yes, I'm getting very comfortable in that little studio. Dave Gunning is amazing to work with on every level - he has great ears, is very strong at the controls, and he brings a musicality that is world class. He knows when to bite in and when to stand down, and you need that in a co-producer. The players were amazing... it made me realize the depth of talent we have here in our own back yard... it made me proud.

SABS: Well it's awesome and well worth the wait! Before I let you go - what's on your busy calendar for the New Year?

Bruce Guthro: 2013 will probably be the busiest year of my musical life. Runrig celebrate there 40th Anniversary with some big shows across the UK and Europe. My solo career is blossoming steadily across Europe as well. I've no plans to get back in the studio for 2013 but that can change in a heart beat. It's a bit like a roller coaster ride, you know it's safe, and you'll get through it all... but you still hang on for dear life and wait for it to go off the tracks 😉 ...  Merry Christmas everyone!


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WIN a signed copy of  Bound for BethlehemWe've got a signed copy of "Bound for Bethlehem" to give away...

All you need to do is to tell us exactly where Bruce will be spending his New Year's Eve this year? (easy right?!)

Once you've got the answer email it to us at [email protected] be sure to put BRUCE GUTHRO in the subject line. Along with your answer your email MUST include your contact info/mailing information.

Please Note:You may enter this contest as many times as you would like - but only one entry per email address will be eligible within a 24 hour period.

This contest will close at 12 midnight AT Sunday, December 30, 2012. Our winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries received and announced on Monday, December 31, 2012.  THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED

ANSWER:  Bruce will be spending his New Year's Eve at Grand Parade in Downtown Halifax.

WINNER: VERNA HAWE from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT PLAYED and stay tuned for more great FREE stuff!

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