HAVEN 3 Filming Ends & A New Season Begins

Posted: September 6, 2012

It's hard to believe – but today marks the last official filming day on the third season of HAVEN.

I'm imagining it seems a smidge longer for the cast and crew who worked through wind and rain, the hot summer heat and the long, long hours – but for me April 18th was just a blink ago.

As someone based at ground zero (aka Chester, Nova Scotia) the HAVEN team have become a truly cool fixture in our village throughout the spring and summer months. Watching them weave in and out of businesses and fields, beaches and barns, wooded lots and wonderful old homes is as awesome to witness off screen as it is seeing the scenes on TV.

It was great to have stars Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant and Eric Balfour resume their 'seasonal resident' status – I even got to sit with them at a mutual friend's wedding this summer.... this is my only proof...I swear that's me 🙂

Eric Balfour, Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant & Me.... honest!!!

Great to meet the three new faces in HAVEN too – talked to Bree Williamson while out on a walk, ran into Dorian Missick outside a store and introduced myself to Kate Kelton on set.

Bree Williamson, Dorian Missick and Kate Kelton reoccuring guest stars on Season 3 of HAVEN

All of them were awesome and watching their tweets about their new life in Nova Scotia was great fun... except for those gigantic spider related ones 😉

And who can forget the Zuckerman sisters stormy and scarey mid season stay. What a riot watching Nora @norazuckerman and Lilla @lillazuck tweet of their haunted (and poorly decorated) accommodations... bless their hearts. Trust their visit for HAVEN 4 will be more pleasant 😉

I had the great pleasure of meeting Sam Ernst and Brian Millikin when I was on set for the Season Finale and I gotta tell ya - standing by the monitors with those fellas during the scene I witnessed was beyond incredible. They were funny and kind and let's just say in I was in HAVEN heaven for that day.

Adam Copeland & Lucas Bryant on set HAVEN Season 3 finale - picture by HAVEN SamNow before I wish them all a fond adieu - since we're on the subject of my set visit - let me just say 4 things in closing... 5 things. I just thought of a fifth. In descending order...

5. Emily Rose is simply LOVELY!

4. Adam Copeland was a pleasure to chat with and my goodness the man is all that and then some

3. The HAVEN cast and crew I met that day and in days prior are 'Top Shelf' terrific – kind, accommodating, funny and truly professional

2. What I saw and heard that day had my jaw permanently dropped the entire day – sworn to secrecy I will only tell you – I will never look at this barn the same again (Yes – it too has been HAVEN-ized)


#1. You will NOT want to miss a minute of Season 3 when it begins on Syfy September 21st and on Showcase here in Canada September 28th.


SABS Note of Noteworthiness

It might take a village to keep a secret, but this season a whole bunch of secrets will be revealed.

As the promo above alludes, Season 3 is being billed as 'The Season of Answers'.  The creators will be giving you clues to the mysteries all season long... matter of fact - they've already started.

If you're not following those news purveyors HAVEN Herald's own @DaveHaven and @VinceHaven - you better do so now - they've got much to say tweet and stay tuned for more where that came from.... COOL!!!


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