Posted: September 17, 2012

With the 32nd Annual Atlantic Film Festival in full swing all walks of movie makers have made their way to Halifax, NS.

From executive producers to the stars on screen, those in front of the camera and those behind the scenes – a truly impressive who's who have come together to celebrate cinema. Impressive too are those participants who wear many hats on a production.

Glen Matthews photo by Riley SmithCase in point filmmaker Glen Matthews, who when the credits on his Atlantic Short ROOM SERVICE presented tomorrow night (09/18/12), will be listed as writer, director and editor.

Pretty great achievement for the Lunenburg, Nova Scotia native we first spotted on TV in season one of HAVEN. So we didn't want to let his world premiere pass without catching up to salute and get the inside scoop. What follows is a Q&A, as they say, with Glen Matthews.

SABS: Well - I'm gonna tell ya - I never saw it coming!  Very nice work Mr. Matthews - without giving anything away how did you come up with the story for ROOM SERVICE?

Glen Matthews: I read that back in the 1930's, small towns would sometimes have Police officers stationed at hotels, checking people's marriage licenses as they checked-in, in order to prevent any unfaithful hanky-panky. That whole idea really stuck with me and I kept playing with ideas of infidelity and duty until I zeroed in on the story for ROOM SERVICE.

SABS: There are some very cool and deliberate establishing shots at the beginning of the movie that in retrospect mean something entirely different...once you know the ending.  I wondered watching it which directors have inspired your work?

Behind the Scenes - ROOM SERVICEGlen Matthews: There was no real style that I was trying to borrow from any specific director when we shot ROOM SERVICE. I know at one point, during pre-production, I had mentioned Soderbergh's THE INFORMANT as well as MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE, but by the time we got around to shooting, we were missing a part of our camera rig which forced us to scrap a few shots, which, in retrospect, was definitely for the best. I love films that can surprise me, genuinely. That's the film I set out to make.

SABS: It's easy to think that making a short means you can just "get 'er done" - but there are so many details and elements of production that need to come together.  What was the process like for you?

Glen Matthews: Two years ago, I acted in a film called BLUSH RESPONSE where I worked with an amazing crew of student filmmakers. When it came time to ask people to help me make my own movie, I went straight to those guys (Ian Burns, Andrew Hicks and Liam Higgins). Without them, the film may have been completed, but it would not be anywhere near the level it's at today.

Vanessa Walton-Bone in ROOM SERVICEAs far as casting goes, I fell in love with Vanessa Walton-Bone watching her on film & stage in Halifax and when it came time to put this movie together, she was the very first piece of the puzzle. After that I added Molly Dunsworth from HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, Samantha Wilson and Mauralea Austin. Every single actor in this film was my very first choice.

SABS: The Atlantic Film Festival is an incredible opportunity to showcase your work - that's gotta feel great to have ROOM SERVICE screen there, especially with the hometown crowd being able to enjoy it.

Glen Matthews: It's an incredible feeling. I'm sure it would be one thing if I wasn't happy with the film, but I truly am. It's always been an honour to get a film in the Atlantic Film Fest as a performer, but to have one that I wrote, directed, edited and raised money for, to make it into the fest, that's still pretty surreal for me at this moment. We'll see where I'm at after Tuesday night, haha.

Molly Dunsworth & Glen Matthews on set of ROOM SERVICE

SABS: If there's one thing I've gleamed from following you on twitter @glenjm - it's that you're always up to something.  What's next for you?

Glen Matthews: I'll be working hard at getting ROOM SERVICE out amongst the festival circuit. This Friday, September 21st, Picnicface's feature film ROLLER TOWN opens nationwide in theatres and I have a small, but fun part in that one. I just produced and starred in a Bravo!FACT short film, directed by Walter Forsythe, called THE LUCKIEST MOST UNLUCKY MAN IN THE WORLD. I'm working with the same team, who helped me make ROOM SERVICE, to film my next short film in the next few months. And I'll be hitting the stage again in Halifax in November for a wonderful play called "Poem for the Smallest Boy", written by Kristin Slaney. But yes, you're right. I'm certainly keeping busy.

Glen Matthews' Twitter AvatarFor more on features on Glen check out "Glen Matthews Comes Home for THE CORRIDOR" and his Cool People Profile.

For everything else visit www.glenmatthews.ca

For more on ROOM SERVICE check out the official Facebook Page and follow on Twitter @roomservicefilm


SABS Note of Noteworthiness

Glen Matthews appears ON screen in this year's Atlantic Film festival too. You can catch him in Josh MacDonald's directorial debut short film, GAME


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