Breagh Mackinnon – At Home Here in Nova Scotia

Occupation: Musician/Student

Place of Birth: Sydney, NS

Currently Resides: Antigonish, NS

Where’s your favourite place in Nova Scotia to grab a coffee?

One of my favourite places to grab a coffee is the Tall and Small Cafe in Antigonish. It’s the perfect stopping point on the long drive from Halifax to Cape Breton for a turkey pesto sandwich and a large cup of dark-roast delicious!

Where’s your favourite place in Nova Scotia to grab a pint?

When I’m not at a kitchen party at my parent’s place, my favourite place to have a pint is Piper’s Pub in Antigonish. Whether I’m taking in Jazz night on Monday, or hanging out at the Open Mic on Wednesdays, the service is great, the beer is cheap, and there are always many interesting characters around to chat with!

Where’s your favourite place to shop in Nova Scotia?

The Cape Breton Farmers' Market is a great place for coffee, homemade sweets, fresh veggies, local meat, cheese and wine.. and they make a mean veggie panini.

Where in Nova Scotia would we stand to see your favourite view?

The view from my front porch in beautiful Northside East Bay overlooking the Bras D’Or Lakes. When the sun is setting, and the water is calm, it has to be one of the most inspiring places I have ever been.

Name 3 things we’ve gotta do when we visit Nova Scotia:

1. Hike the Skyline trail in Cheticamp. The view is terrifying, amazing and you might just see a moose!

2. Get a vanilla soft-serve cone at the Tasty Treat in Sydney River. I prefer vanilla dipped in rainbow sprinkles, but every flavour is amazing.

3. Go to a square dance in West Mabou. Even if you have never square danced in your life, there will be someone willing to show you a step or two.

What makes Nova Scotia such a special place on earth for you?

My family is here, so it is the place I hope to always call home. The beautiful surroundings, friendly people, and rich music and arts community all make Nova Scotia an inspiring place to live.


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  1. Excellent commentary Breagh.
    Best Wishes in your chosen music studies & career!

    Comment by Sharon MacDonald — August 16, 2012 @ 12:51 pm

  2. Hi Breagh,

    You don't know me. I met you at the CO-HO a couple of summers ago. You have a most beautiful, crisp, pleasant voice and you look so much like your aunt Linda!
    Please keep singing and playing that beautiful guitar.

    Best regard,


    Comment by Sylvia Larade — November 21, 2012 @ 12:19 pm

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