GEORGINA REILLY… Really Busy and Loving It!

Posted: July 17, 2012

Timing is everything! Especially when it comes to the wonderful world of show business... and love.

Georgina Reilly & Allan Hawco Ep. 207 REPUBLIC OF DOYLE (CBC & Take the Shot Productions)Indeed the planets aligned when British born, Toronto based actress Georgina Reilly got the part of Cindy the 'psychotic receptionist' in Episode 207 of Republic of Doyle.

I may be over simplifying her character in R of D's "Crashing on the Couch", but I'm not overstating the serendipitous turn her life would take because of it.

Mark O'Brien & Georgina Reilly at 2012 Genie Awards photo by George PimentelYou see, it was during a Doyle party at the Duke where she met our Des...
I mean actor Mark O'Brien – and that, as the story goes, was the beginning of a beautiful friendship - which lead to love - which will, by January 2013, lead down the aisle... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let's go back to January of this year – when I caught up to Ms. Reilly at that very romantic spot in St.John's, NL - The Duke of Duckworth.

As you'll see in our interview above, the beautiful lady lights up at the mention of her man, but truth be told that spark was rivaled by her enthusiasm for her work as well. And so we're clear – the lady is working!!!

Currently shooting Season 6 of the period crime series Murdoch Mysteries for CBC, with Season 5 airing now.  In that show she plays Dr. Emily Grace.

Georgina Reilly - in Murdoch Mysteries & The L.A. Complex

AND premiering tonight (07/17/12) The L.A. Complex in which she plays a modern day stand-up comic named Sabrina Reynolds. Filming has resumed on that series as well and I asked Georgina how she's balancing it all...

Georgina Reilly tweet 07/13/12 from set of MURDOCH MYSTERIES with co-star Jonny Harris“I'm hopping back and forth from that and Murdoch. I love both Sabrina & Grace. It's wonderful to get to play in such contrasting time periods. I think Dr.Grace would think highly of Sabrina as they are both women working in a man's world which can be rough.”

Rough? Reilly makes it all seem effortless and oh so lovely.  You've just gotta believe her upcoming wedding - one which she's planning and designing herself - will be nothing short of breathtaking.

There's a quick shot of 'THE Book' in our interview... a 'wedding planner' as it were - which no doubt has expanded to maximum capacity since those early New Year days – now filled with snap shots and plans of perfection. “I have an amazing group of girls in my bridal party who are very good with crafts so that helps a lot!" Reilly told me "And of course shout outs to Martha Stewart and Pinterest.”

The wedding won't be the only collaboration for the couple who teamed up for another Mark O'Brien directed film... the details of which are still under wraps.  All we know now is the working title - “Better People” and how highly his leading lady thought of his work...

Georgina Reilly & Mark O'Brien taken atop Signal Hill in St.John's, NL“Mark is a great director. He has the biggest movie collection and he's always watching something. I was impressed with how calm he was on set - he runs a crew really well.  I can be quite demanding, but I got a great pair of shoes for doing the part.”

While you're here be sure to check out our interview with Georgina & fiancé Mark O'Brien A Love Story and Georgina's Cool People Profile too!!!


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