ENNIS “The Fortunate Ones”

Posted: July 10, 2012

ENNIS The Fortunate OnesWhat a wonderful album!!! Let's start there.

They say 'write what you know, believe what you sing and the listener will hear that honesty and love the music you make'. The NL duo of ENNIS has accomplished all that and then some with their sophomore album 'The Fortunate Ones'.

After a few years in the making and truth be told a career's worth of building to this point – sisters Maureen and Karen Ennis have crafted an album that is purely 'home'.

ENNIS "The Fortunate Ones" feature interviewIndeed they have arrived... at a sound that reflects their vocals and musicianship perfectly, through songs that capture who they are as artists, in the place that means so much to them both.

“We will sing of joy and sorrow, of the past and of tomorrow – we will sing” A lyric line from the album's first track – the sweetest sounding set up for the tracks that follow.

Maureen EnnisThe 'joy' can easily be found in original songs like “Life of Riley” and “John, William” and in the traditional tunes too.

And it most certainly exists in “Ladies Lounge” a track that came courtesy of Great Big Sea’s Alan Doyle who also produced this song he co-wrote with Oscar winner, Russell Crowe.

And the 'sorrow'... well that can be heard in the reflective tribute “Fort Amherst” which captures the past in memories shared by the girls' father and in all too familiar pining of the title track as well, since “The Fortunate Ones” reflects the thoughts and feelings of so many who have left and long to return to the homeland again one day.

Karen EnnisWoven throughout every track is a tremendous source of pride in, a deep reverence for and an undeniable love of Newfoundland & Labrador.

What a wonderful album!!!

Let's end there too. SABS


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