HAVEN Update: Double the Trouble

Posted: June 20, 2012

There's a plethora of pylons in the village of Chester, Nova Scotia today as the cast and crew of HAVEN begin work on two back to back episodes.

Ep. 307 & 308 are scheduled to wrap on July 6, 2012 with familiar stops at Duke's Dock, the HAVEN Herald and Dixie Boy Truck Stop. Also included in this double dose of trouble will be scenes at the Chester Shore Mall and on Graves Island.

Jason Priestley Tweets from HAVEN castAnd while we're on the subject of graves (see original post)...

The Jason Priestley Ep. 306 went hauntingly well according to tweets from the show's stars. Despite eery locations, very late nights and reported long hours there's a whole lot of love for Mr. Priestley and great gratitude from the man for the hard working HAVEN team too.

The already expanded cast for Season 3 – got a local injection in that episode too as Port Hawkesbury, NS native Allie MacDonald (Score! A Hockey Musical) had a guest starring role.

Nova Scotia native Allie MacDonald guest starred in Ep. 306 of HAVENAccording to the Hollywood Reporter - Allie played a girl named "Tina who finds herself fighting for her life after following her 'boyfriend' Chad into the haunted Holloway House even though she has an inkling that it isn't the best idea. She enlists the help of Audrey (Emily Rose) and her team to search for Chad after he goes missing." (source)

I can't say it enough how cool it is to have HAVEN in the 'hood and like all the rest of you I cannot wait for the season to start this September! More as we have it! SABS


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