HAVEN Season 3 Week 6

Posted: May 23, 2012

Today begins the sixth week of production for Season 3 of HAVEN... and already the 'troubled' town has commissioned a regular cleaner, hired a shrink and enlisted a big city detective to deal with what develops... plus another character who might just be...well... more trouble.

Adam Copeland & Bree Williamson HAVEN Season 3We confirmed Adam Copeland aka Dwight would return on a regular reoccurring basis back in April (post) and then that Emmy nominated actress Bree Williamson (One Life to Life) would join the cast as ClaireHAVEN's resident psychiatrist (post).

KATE KELTON to guest star on HAVEN as Jordan McKeeIn that same post we mentioned Kate Kelton (Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle) would be added in a regular reoccurring role and we knew then her character name would be Jordan. We can now confirm thanks to an official press release Kelton will portray  "the spirited and fierce Jordan McKee. She’s a waitress at The Gun & Rose Diner and also an influential member of a mysterious organization of “troubled” people whose identity is known by the distinctive tattoo marking its members."

Dorian Missick joining the cast of HAVEN Season 3 as Tommy BowenAlso announced this past Friday (05/18/12) Dorian Missick (Southland) will arrive in HAVEN this season in the role of Tommy Bowen, a street smart, big city detective who comes to Haven investigating a suspected serial killer case. A shrewd, calculating policeman, he’s also a fish out of water, completely mismatched with this small town."

Speaking of small towns...I can tell you this little seaside village has been a buzz since the HAVEN gang arrived last month...

HAVEN Season 3 behind the scenes shots as tweeted by SAM ERNST aka HAVEN SAM

Between the action at their studio headquarters (aka the Chester Rink) - used for everything from Audrey's Apartment to a roadside motel, and their location shoots along the South Shore here in Nova Scotia – there's always some truly cool 'action' happening. Speaking of which...

Tomorrow (05/24/12) the cast and crew will be shooting inside the HAVEN Herald offices on Queen Street in Chester before moving to a nearby home in the village for exteriors on Friday.

We'll keep you posted on what's new and what's next! SABS


SABS Shout Out for the Visual Support...

Larry, Eric Balfour and HAVEN Sam ErnstGreat thanks to HAVEN co-creator & Executive Producer Sam Ernst aka @havensam (that's him on the right) - who has been so kindly providing us fans with a look behind the scenes during his time on the set here in Nova Scotia.  The 3 pics above and those below are courtesy of him!
THANKS Mr. Ernst - for the shots and the show! 😉


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