The Pellerin Post: Light and Dark

Posted: April 16, 2012

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” Dolly Parton said that and ain't it the truth, but I believe getting through that rain makes us appreciate the rainbow even more.

RofD still - top & Middle from S2 Season Finale Family Business, Bottom S3 Ep.306 The Dating Game ctys CBC & Take the Shot ProductionsEvery good story has a bit of both – those light and dark moments are what makes REPUBLIC OF DOYLE so amazing to watch...we laugh and gasp...even well up from time to time (not afraid to post it).

When it comes to Krystin Pellerin's character Sgt. Leslie Bennett... much has happened since Jake said "I love can shoot me later".

Since we watched her close the door on Season 2 through to the dramatic Season 3 finale – well things have leaned more towards darkness. Demoted, then reinstated, but reaffirmed in her belief that she and Jake should stay apart.

Remember Ep 306 “The Dating Game” when Leslie told Jake “We both know what's best here...and it doesn't involve you and me walking off into the sunset together...we need to back off here”

We saw a smidge of light from time to time - like in Ep. 308 "Mirror, Mirror" with that French exchange, but Leslie decided on distance...and darkness and doing her job.

Long Day's Journey Into Night . You Can't Take It With YouKrystin has also faced quite a contrast in this season at Soulpepper too.

From her role in the haunting play “Long Days Journey Into Night” to another in the comedic classic “You Can't Take It With You” -

She has again played that spectrum of dark and light and so I wondered... what kind of affect that have on the actor throughout the production.

That's the question Krystin answers in this edition of The Pellerin on...


"Light and Dark"
Dated: April 16, 2012

This play is having a remarkable effect on me. The whole process has been very uplifting.

You Can’t Take It With You is the story of the Sycamore’s, a family of eccentrics who live life to the fullest and can’t help but be true to who they are and what they love.

krystin pellerin soulpepper theatreThat joie de vivre is contagious and seems to be spreading through out the company. The play is much more than a light-hearted comedy. It’s a beautiful story of love and acceptance. It is full of humour, but it deals with heartbreak and struggle too. In rehearsal we try to never reach for the comedy, as soon as we do, the truth of moment is lost. If we play the truth of the moment the comedy will come. That way we are able to experience the play in full colour, the light, the dark and everything in between.

I found this to be true in Long Day’s Journey too. The story was so bleak, the audience needed levity and would even find it themselves in the most unexpected places. Our job was to keep it as real as possible and let the play speak for itself. I find the really good plays cover such a rich spectrum of feeling you almost don’t want to put a label on them. They are just great stories.

We were on deck for the first time on Saturday. Christina Poddubiuk’s set is gorgeous. We all feel like we are in a real house. The set gives such a feeling of intimate privacy on stage, sometimes I forget we’ll be in front of an audience. I feel so at home up there.

We are knee deep in tech right now and have our first preview on Thursday. Looking forward to sharing more closer to opening! 🙂 kp


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