MARK O’BRIEN Award Winning & Working On???

Posted: April 3, 2012

Just read my steady flow of #DESrocks hashtags each Wednesday or search the name 'Mark O'Brien' here on Sea and be Scene and you'll know around our world wide headquarters he's considered the very knees of the bee!

Mark O'Brien tweet - William F.White AwardSo we were thrilled today to see this tweet from the Paradise, NL native regarding his short film KATHY.

The William F. White Award for Best Comedy comes with an in-kind voucher, valued at $2,500 of motion picture equipment rental.

The Lakeshorts International Film Festival “showcases the independent spirit and passion of short films while fostering the film community in South Etobicoke”. The Ontario based festival runs May 4 – 5, with general public tickets going on sale tomorrow (04/04/12)

Mark O'Brien INsights IN 10 ReduxNow, for the record... when we last caught up with.... Mr. O'Brien at The Duke he was awfully cryptic about his next movie project... wouldn't even talk about it on camera. As you'll see in feature interview (video) and his new INsights In 10 Redux (video) we had no shortage of other topics to keep us busy – BUT it has kept me wondering ever since.

Better People - Mark O'Brien projectThen just today I found this picture on twitter - and when pressed for comment on the new production – Mark would only say “It involved heavy running, I wasn't physically prepared for."

I remain baffled, but will continue to dig until I get the full scoop – so stay tuned.

Mark O'Brien REPUBLIC OF DOYLE Season 3 still ctsy CBC/Take the Shot ProductionsAnd we'll, all one million plus of us, be tuned in tomorrow night for the season 3 finale of Mark's show REPUBLIC OF DOYLE. Sure to be jammed with plot twists and cliff hangers – with the biggest cliff hanger of them all... will there be a season 4?!

With no official word from CBC on that – we'll all be left waiting and wondering....and hoping and praying.

Part of me is wishing for a live - pre-show message from Allan Hawco saying - it's a go for Season 4 - oh wouldn't that be lovely. Fingers crossed!!! SABS


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