HAVEN Season 3 Production Week 2

Posted: April 25, 2012

Production of HAVEN's third season continues in Chester, NS this week – despite April's rain and foggy weather.

HAVEN Season 2 Episode 10 Who, Where, What, WindingoWe caught the team set up in a familiar spot - DIXIE BOY Truck Stop aka East Chester Recreation Centre on Hwy 3 today.

You'll remember seeing that location last in Season 2 Episode 10  “Where, When, What, Windingo”

Yes - that's the one where Audrey (Emily Rose) shot and killed the Rev (Stephen McHattie) and we learned a little bit more about that cool character Dwight "The Clearner" played by Adam Copeland.

Fans of the man were pleased to discover he'll be in more than one episode again this year. (post)

Word has it for Season 3 - Copeland's role will be more of a 'regular reoccurring' one – we're standing by for the official statement on that and news of another new resident of HAVEN to be announced very soon!

The Twitter stream contained a constant flow of birthday wishes for series star Eric Balfour yesterday – who celebrated his 35th birthday and tweeted this to his fans.  He's some sweet! SABS

Eric Balfour celebrates his birthday April 24, 2012 tweets

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