Glen Matthews Comes Home for THE CORRIDOR

Updated: June 2, 2012

On Thursday, June 21st our good pal Kevin Kelly will host the Late Night Horror Show for this year's Nickel Independent Film Festival in St.John's, NL and when it comes to that we've only got 4 words for ya...

"Get there" and "brace yourself" because the feature film is THE CORRIDOR. 10:30pm Screening


Posted: April 19, 2012

I believe Ryland Aldrich of said it best when he described THE CORRIDOR as “a taut thriller that wraps the audience in a blanket of paranoia” (source)

The Corridor  I quote him because my words like - “just the trailer freaked me right out! Scared me to wits end it did” would seem far less eloquent and professional. Watch it for yourself above and let me know how you make out.

Filmed in the peaceful setting of New Ross, NS – five old friends get together for a boys weekend in the woods. It starts out harmless enough, but what transpires in that red cabin... let's just say none of them will ever be the same. (#justsaynotospoilers)

NS Actor Glen Matthews stars in THE CORRIDORNova Scotia born actor Glen Matthews is one of the five fellas to take that scary trip and we caught up with him for a chat about this truly frightening feature.

SABS: First of all - let me say...I may not sleep for a while!!!! That's some scary bit of trippy business.  What did you think when you first read the script?

Glen Matthews: Yeah, the script is just fantastic. Josh [MacDonald, the writer] lures you in, makes you feel like you're one of the guys, and then all of a sudden drops you into this sci-fi, thriller film, and you're going through these horrors with these five guys. You're invested in them as human beings. The first time I read the script, that's what stood out to me, was that the characters weren't just paint-by-numbers archetypes, which you see all too often in the horror genre, in my opinion.

The Corridor - still

Mostly though, I thought "Frig, I really want to do this!". We shot THE CORRIDOR two years ago, and at that time I had mostly just done small parts here or there in film and television - this was my first big part in a feature film and I was thrilled to be a part of it, especially considering how in love with the script I was.

SABS: All of that tension building on screen - I would imagine there was some release needed when you weren't rolling?

The Corridor StillGlen Matthews: When we were on set, we were a pretty damn well-oiled machine - we shot the film in 21 days, so we all knew that there wasn't too much time to play around with. Off set though, we definitely did our fair share of blowing off of steam.

One of the blessings of shooting THE CORRIDOR on a tight budget was that we didn't have money for trailers.

Instead, in between shots, the cast just hung out in this tiny, cold computer room next to the studio, where we were constantly being told to keep quiet. The chemistry that you see on screen is a direct result of us being jammed together in a tiny room for hours on end.

SABS: I know the movie tells the story of five friends - but having a look at the credits it would seem as though there's a lot of history and friendship between the cast and crew

Glen Matthews: Yeah, when you're working in Nova Scotia, you're bound to know at least 75% of the people on set, between the cast and crew. Prior to shooting, I had met everyone from the cast except for Stephen Chambers (who plays Tyler in the film) who was coming in from Toronto. Matt Amyotte (who plays Bobcat) and I were good friends before the film, he actually cast me in the very first play I ever did, Jump! An 80's Musical, six years ago.

THE CORRIDOR still with actor Glen Matthews

SABS: You're based in Toronto but I gotta believe it's always good to come back home to work on a project

Glen Matthews: It's always great to come back home for any reason, but coming home to work on a film or a play is that much sweeter.

MOBY DICK movie posterThe first professional job I was ever cast in, Moby Dick (the mini-series with Ethan Hawke), actually shot in my hometown, Lunenburg.

That was a surreal experience, hanging out with two phenomenal actors in Charlie Cox and Eddie Marsan, in the same spot where I used to get inebriated with my friends when we were in high school (tsk tsk, I know).

SABS: What's up next for you - any other projects in the 'hood?

Glen Matthews in ROLLER TOWNGlen Matthews: I have a role in the sketch comedy troupe Picnicface's feature film, Roller Town, which is due to be released in another month's time.

I'll be returning to NS next month to shoot a short film, that's all I can say about it now, unfortunately. While back home, I'll also be putting the finishing touches on Room Service, a short film I wrote and directed. We shot it back in October and have been working away at it ever since. We're hoping to show it in Halifax in the Fall if all goes according to plan.


Glen Matthews photo by Riley Smith

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THE CORRIDOR was released in Theatres and On Demand in the US by IFC Midnight (IFC Films) on March 31, 2012, and was released by D Films in a limited Canadian theatrical run on March 31 2012, and On Demand in Canada on April 3, 2012.



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