BREE WILLIAMSON to ‘Shrink’ HAVEN Troubles

Posted: April 30, 2012

Fellow fans of HAVEN... this is going to be such a cool season and if you had a chance to listen to the WHR interview with Lilla and Nora Zuckerman last night you heard some of the reasons why.

The Californian based sisters, who have written together for shows like Fringe and Human Target before joining the HAVEN team last season, talked to WHR about their role as story editors and screenwriters for the Syfy/Showcase hit series . While the two were cautious about revealing too much of what's ahead on season 3... here's some of what they did share (in no particular order)

Bree Williamson on ABC's One Life to Live

Emmy nominated actress Bree Williamson will be joining the cast. The former One Life to Live star (she played Jessica Buchanan) will play ClaireHAVEN's resident psychiatrist. Can you just imagine how busy that lady will be? The Zuckermans recalled Adam Copeland's character Dwight as being the 'cleaner' and then referred to Claire as the "mental cleaner". I've gotta believe, in addition to helping the troubled townfolk, she'll be helping Audrey (Emily Rose) and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) in their crime fighting pursuits as well. Stay tuned for more details there.

KATE KELTON to guest star on HAVEN picture with Tic Tac stillAlso set to appear this season is Kate Kelton (Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle). Yes she's the Tic Tac girl. According to the Zuckermans her character Jordan will be instrumental in helping Audrey uncover the mystery of the tattoo.

And speaking of mysteries – the Zuckermans said Season 3 is filled with “more answers” to many of HAVEN's unanswered questions that have been building over the last two season – that'll be nice. We'll discover a lot more about Audrey Parker AND a lot more time will be devoted to the Colorado Kid this season. After all the series was based on that Stephen King story and during the interview both ladies talked about how there was still so much story to be told along that plot line.

As for plot specifics... one thing Nora and Lilla did reveal was that HAVEN will have it's first string of mysterious killings. The serial killer strikes will be a thread throughout this third season. Like the town's not creepy enough! Eeek.

Dave (John Dunsworth) and Vince (Richard Donat)  Character wise the two sisters spoke of the brothers on the show – saying Vince (Richard Donat) and Dave (John Dunsworth) will be 'out of the office' a lot more this season – taking their 'investigative journalism' to another level. Can't imagine that sitting too well with Audrey and Nathan, who are already suspect of the HAVEN Herald duo.

It really was an enlightening interview with fun 'inside the writing room' stories and great insight into the production process on HAVEN.  The coolest thing for me to hear was that – after writing such amazing scripts from the other side of the continent – the West coast girls are heading East! Nora and Lilla Zuckerman will be in Nova Scotia this summer and on-set to see their wonderful words come to life. They're just going to love it here! SABS

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  1. This is GREAT news! Bree Williamson really earned that Emmy nomination for her work on OLTL (she actually earned a win...she just didn't get it). I can't wait to see how she mixes it up with the folks on Haven! Bring on season three!

    Comment by TV Gord — April 30, 2012 @ 7:49 pm

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